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The Primitive Atmosphere


Problem I: Was oxygen present in the earth's primitive atmosphere?


Explanation: With oxygen present, simple compounds (originally present in the primitive atmosphere) wouldn't combine to form amino acids. Without oxygen, the amino acids formed would be immediately decomposed by the cosmic rays.


Solution: Oxygen is clearly necessary for amino acids to be preserved for the next stage I spontaneous generation of life, yet the presence of oxygen prevents the formation of amino acids. There is no solution to this problem!


Problem II: Was energy (supplied by sunlight or lightning or volcanoes) present or not?


Explanation: If energy was not present, simple compounds would not have split and no formation of amino acids would take place. If energy was present, that energy would immediately decompose any amino acids formed into simpler compounds.


Solution: Amino acids just can't be formed without energy and with energy they can't survive. There is no way spontaneous generation can proceed beyond this stage.