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Formation of the Organic Soup


Problem III: Did the amino acids stay inside the water or outside it?


Explanation: After the amino acids formed in the atmosphere it is assumed that they somehow managed to reach the ocean in the same area so as to form an organic soup. Now if the amino acids stay inside the water they would not combine to form proteins because water favors breaking up of big molecules (depolymerisation) and not their formation (polymerization). But if they are outside the water, they would be immediately decomposed by the cosmic rays.Amino acids have to be in water for reaction & further combination to occur. But that very water inhibits further combination. So the organic soup just can't be formed."In other words," evolutionist Francis Hitching says, "the theoretical chances of getting through even this first and relatively easy stage (getting amino acids) in the evolution of life are forbidding." This means there would be no accumulation of organic soup! Biochemist George Wald believes this to be "the most stubborn problem that confronts us (evolutionists)". (Scientific American, 'The Origin of Life', by George Wald, pp.49, 50).


Problem IV: How did specific amino acids form in the organic soup?




There are over 100 amino acids, but only 20 are needed for life's proteins.Moreover, they come in two shapes: some of the molecules    are "right-handed" and others are "left-handed". Should they be formed at random, in the theoretical organic soup, it is most likely that they would be half right-handed and half lefthanded. And there is no known reason why either shape should

be preferred in living things. Yet, of the 20 amino acids used in producing life's proteins, all   are left-handed! How is it that at  random, only the specifically required kinds would be united in the soup?  Solution: Physicist J.D. Bemal acknowledges, "We may never be able to explain it."