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Shabda Praman


The Vedas assert that objects beyond matter cannot be known experimentally. These objects are therefore called Acintya. That which is Acintya cannot be known by speculation or by argument but only by Shabda, the process of hearing from Vedic literature. This method is considered more reliable than perception or inference because it conveys knowledge free of all defects. The Vedic texts are called Apaurusheya, meaning, 'of divine origin'. There is no possibility for defects and therefore we are required to accept scripture in toto, as it is, without interpretation and modification. It is only in this way that the deepest truths will be revealed.


One should hear perfect knowledge from the all-perfect person God Himself directly (as Arjuna did), or one should hear perfect knowledge from an authority who is coming in an unbroken chain of disciplic succession which originates from God. Just as Electricity comes from electric post, in turn from Electricity board, in turn from Power station, in turn operated by a man who generates electricity and sends it. In the same way the knowledge is given by God Himself to Brahma, to Narada, to Vyasa and today the disciplic succession is continuing and is available for any seeker of Truth about God. Connect yourself to power supply and then you can have light. Connect yourself to parampara - disciplic succession from God and then you can have perfect knowledge. That is the secret of attaining perfect knowledge. Thus, the process of 'Shabda' or hearing from a bonafide authority is the most reliable and definite way of obtaining knowledge of the truth. If a child wants to know who his father ls, he should ask his mother.   He may make a survey of the male population, but much more simply, he can ask his mother, the natural authority. In other words, if a person can accept information given by an authority he does not have to take the trouble to research independently. Thus acceptance of genuine spiritual authority is the way to attain true knowledge and bliss.