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See Through the Eyes of Scriptures


By hearing the spiritual sound vibration of the scriptures, one learns to see things according to the direction given in the scriptures, then one can see the things as they are. This is called 'Sastra Cakshu'. For example, a beautiful woman may be perceived by a tiger as his lunch box, by a child as a mother who cares and loves him, by a young man as an object of enjoyment and by a self realized sage as display of the illusory energy. But how should we see things of this world? For knowing this, we require the spectacles of wisdom; then we will learn how to see things, what to accept, what to reject, what to do and what to not do.For instance the scriptures state that one should see every woman except one's wife as one's own mother and see other people's property as garbage. If one hears such scriptural instructions and abides by them, one will gradually achieve ultimate happiness in this world and in the next.


Only one who hears from authoritative sources can know the science of God. When one knows the science of God, he can understand: Who am I? Why am I born into this world? Who is God? What is the purpose of life? Why am I suffering? How can I get out of all suffering? How is the material world moving? What is the relationship of God with all living beings? etc.


If one has been an automobile specialist for twenty years and knows the science of automobiles he can judge the condition of a vehicle as soon as he drives it even for a minute. But one who does not know the science of automobiles cannot understand anything about the condition of a vehicle. Similarly one who knows the science of God can immediately see the hand of God in every single aspect of the cosmos - from the microscopic to the macroscopic. But one who has no knowledge of the science of God cannot understand anything about the working of the world.That is why hearing the science of God from great saintly persons is called as 'darshan'. 'Darshan' means 'sight' as well as 'philosophical insight' or 'discourse'. Thus by hearing from great saintly persons who are devotees of God, we can come to see and realize the ultimate truth. If Mr. Bill Gates is sitting in a group meeting with you, you will not know his greatness, until you hear from someone who he is. Similarly, God's greatness has to be heard from His pure unalloyed devotees, who are not only preaching about Him, but practicing a life in accord with His divine instructions. By hearing Vedic knowledge from such great souls, we can get the eyes to see God