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Blind Men and the Elephant


Once six blind men came across an elephant for the first time in their lives. After touching different parts of the elephant, every one of them started describing enthusiastically what they thought the elephant was like.  One man who had touched the side of the elephant exclaimed,'Tt is like a wall which appears that it may fall anytime". The second man who had touched the tusk said, "O! It is so very round, smooth and sharp. The elephant is like a spear". The third man who had touched the trunk said,"Don't you understand that the elephant is like a snake?" The fourth man who had grasped one of the legs of the elephant felt that the elephant was like a tree. The fifth man had touched one of the ears of the elephant and stated that it was like a fan. The sixth man who had caught hold of the swinging tail of the elephant commented,"Why don't you all understand that the elephant is like a rope!"


In this way, they went on arguing until they resorted to the help of a learned man with proper eyesight. The learned man felt pity for them and told them the complete description of the elephant and then all the six blind men felt satisfied. Just as the blind men could not understand the elephant completely just by their endeavor because of their blindness, we cannot understand the material world or the Absolute Truth completely  and correctly by any amount of endeavor because our senses are defective and limited. Just as one of the blind men grabbed on to the tail and called the elephant a rope, sometimes we may grab on to a particular part of the truth and our understanding may even be correct; still our limited uuJciaUuiuiiig Jcc; not give us the complete truth.We have to approach a spiritual master whose (spiritual) eyes are wide open and only such a person can deliver the truth to us because he is perceiving the truth himself. Hearing from such a bonafide authority with faith and putting what we hear into practice will bring us to the point of perceiving and realizing all the truths.



From the previous lesson, we understood that there is some super intelligence or super power or God who is the 'Organizer', 'Controller', 'Designer' - all these words indicate a person. So God is the Supreme Person who creates, maintains, enjoys and controls everything. Once we accept that He exists, how can we acquire further knowledge about Him?


There are three ways for gaining knowledge:


1.Pratyaksha (Empirical Sensual Perception)

2.Anumana (Theories Based on Evidence)

3.Shabda (Hearing From a Bonafide Authority).