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Chapter 1

Can A Scientist Believe In God?


The Story of Isaac Newton   

Order and Design                 

Tremendous Energy              

Organization and Craftsmanship        

A Giant in a Tiny Package      

Laws of Nature                    

Did Everything Start from a 'Big Bang' or 'Big Brain'  

A Charge Against Chance                 

Do you know a machine which has no maker and with no purpose

The Unseen Is Proven by the Seen              

The Spiritual Scientist


Chapter 2

Getting The Eyes To See God


Blind Men and the Elephant 

Pratyaksha Praman  

Imperfect Senses

Tendency to be Illusioned

Tendency to Commit Mistakes


Anumana Praman

Shabda Praman       

See Through the Eyes of Scriptures


Chapter 3

Vedic Wisdom: The Privilege Of Humanity


Human Life vs. Animal life

The Special Prerogative of the Human Body

The Actual Destination of Life

Cause of Suffering   

Threefold Miseries    

Shun the Sinful Tendency and Surpass Suffering       

What is the Purpose of the Vedic Literature?       

Is Accepting the Vedas not Blind Faith?     

Why are Vedas Consi dered the word of God?

Two Systems of Knowledge

The Vedic Process of Learning       


Chapter 4     

Science of the Soul


The ABC of Bhagavad-gita

Scientific Proof of the Soul's Existence      

Common Sense       

Intuitive Understanding

Awareness, Thinking, Feeling and Willing

Near Death Experience (NDE)

Past life Memories   

Practical Benefits of the Knowledge about the Soul

A Clear Understanding of Li fe and Death

The Gross Body & the Subtle Body

The Nature of the Soul 

The Soul is Indestructible.

The Soul is Individual

The Soul has Form   

Matter is Formless - Spirit Gives Form to Matter  

The Soul is Eternal                                   

The Soul has a Form of Eternity (sat) - Knowledge - Bliss (ananda)

The Soul is Situated in the Region of the Heart                 

The Size of the Soul                                 

Are we Gods or God's ?                         


Chapter 5

Substance And Shadow                                   


Where Does the Soul Come From?

Spiritual World vs. Material World

The Story of Liquid Beauty

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The Goal of Life: Purification of Heart & Glorification of  Lord

Mantra Meditation Technique


Chapter 6

If God Is One, Then Why So Many Religions?


If God Is One, Then Why Do People Follow Different Religion?

Different Religions - Same message

Ascending From Fear to Love

Serving simply out of love, with no motivation 

Sanatana Dharma - The Supermarket of Religions

Worship According to Propensities

Why is Krishna God?

The ABCD formula for a happy life




1.   Evolution or Creation: Let the Data Speak


What is the Theory of Evolution?

Dilemmas over Origin of Life         

Theory of Spontaneous Generation

The Primitive Atmosphere   

Formation of the Organic Soup      

Formation of Proteins

Formation of the Genetic Code

Why Not Produce Life?

Is it Scientific?

Not all Scientists Accept it

Dilemmas over Origin of Complex Organs

Dilemmas over Fossils

What Fossil  Record Says about the Origin of Living Things

Record of the Rocks Contradicts Darwin's Theory

Fossil Record is the Final Court of Appeal

Creation or Evolution?

The Vedic Model for Evolution       


2.The Universe: How did it Begin?


On the Role of Faith in Science

What the Vedas say...


3.Srila  Prabhupada  - The Ambassador of the  Kingdom of God


4.Bhaktivedanta     Academy     for     Culture     &  Education (BACE)


Whatis BACE?

Objectives of BACE

How Are The Students Trained in the BACE?

Personality Development and Character Build Up

Yoga, Meditation and Nutritious Diet

Topping in Academics

Public Speaking and Discussion (PSD)       

Team Playing and Synergising

Devotional Qualifications

Personal Care And Counseling

Developing Interpersonal Relationships     

Leadership Qualities



BACE Youth Centers managed by ISKCON, Pune

BACE Youth Centers Faculty, 2005

BACE Children Wing Centers 

BACE Children Wing Faculty, 2005

Value Education Teachers

IYF Girls' Wing

For Social Cause



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