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The Unseen Is Proven by the Seen     


One may not know God for sometime, but sooner or later, an intelligent person asks - "How is it that the material universe from the submicroscopic realm of the atom to the expanding reaches of the galactic objects is running like an intricate well-oiled clock? If hundreds of scientists have to break their heads to put a single satellite in orbit, how much greater giant brain, capable of careful planning, would be required to put millions of planets in orbit? Modern scientists are proud of automation, but there is a scientific brain behind automation also. What great intelligence has been able to visualize the arrangement of innumerable planets, realize it and put all the planets in motion?"


A clear principle is established: "The unseen is proved by the seen. The creation reflects the creator at every point. God can be easily seen in this creation just as an inventor can be easily known by his invention." The Bhagavad-gita explains that everything rests upon God just as pearls are strung on a thread. Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita (7.7):


mattah parataram nanyat kincid asti dhananjaya

mayi sarvam idam protam sutre mani gana iva


"O conqueror of wealth, there is no truth superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread."


The analogy is clear. By superficial examination of a pearl necklace, one cannot see what is keeping all the pearls together. But we figure that there must be some binding factor, else the pearls would have scattered. Similarly, God is the underlying thread of Truth binding this entire cosmic manifestation together in an orderly manner. It is He who put all the planets and galaxies into precise orbits and it is He who maintains them.