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Tremendous Energy


Every day the sun supplies the solar system with a tremendous amount of heat, light and energy.  The very tiny fraction of the sun's energy that falls on the earth - estimated at about five parts in a hundred million million - is about 100,000 times greater than all the energy used in the world's industries. Put in a different way, the energy the sun emits in one second is greater than the whole amount of energy human species has consumed throughout its entire history!   We have to find out whether any of our scientists can try to make one sun for us in their 'most-advanced' laboratories. While God makes the sun, man can only poorly imitate it by producing a mercury bulb. While God has made the moon, man makes a Dome light. God makes vast oceans; man can only create swimming pools. God puts huge planets in orbit and sets them in motion; man can only put a small sputnik in orbit. Thus God creates and man imitates, that too poorly.