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Chapter 1 Can A Scientist Believe in GOD?


For thousands of years, people have marvelled at the starry heavens.    On a clear night, the beautiful stars hang like shining jewels against the darkness of space. A moonlit night bathes the earth with a beauty all of its own. Those who think, often wonder : "Just what is out there in space? How is it organized? Can we find out how it all got started? Who created all  these startling  variety of things?"  The  human rnind  is staggered by the immensity and complexity of the awesome universe. As 'National Geographic' magazine commented what man is now learning about the universe has "left him stunned." Who will not appreciate and realize that all this artistry is the work of an intelligent yet inconceivable designer and creator -God?


If you want to see your face in the mirror you need the help of sunlight. Similarly if one is interested in discovering oneself, one needs to know God, the ultimate truth. Self-realization comes automatically by God realization.