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Organization and Craftsmanship


There are many simple and graphic examples of the artistry of the Lord's creation. We see that among the lower forms of living entities, social organization is very smoothly maintained.


*For example, in a bee colony the drones nicely take care of the queen bee, while the workers collect a great amount of honey from flowers all day long.


*Similarly, the loving relationship between a mother and her baby is quite clearly visible even in very small forms of living entities. During monsoon season in tropical countries, when there are torrents of rain, the small ants run to find shelter, carrying their eggs on their heads.


*The spider makes its wonderful webs with great architectural skill to serve as a shelter and to catch its prey for survival.


*Silkworms spin hundreds of yards of fine threads to form cocoons for their shelter during the pupa stage.


*Inside a tiny seed, smaller than the size of a mustard seed, the whole potency of a big banyan tree is present.


*Seventy separate chemical reactions are involved in the process of photosynthesis in a plant.


In this way, we can see the wonderful organization and arrangements made by God, who is creating, maintaining and guiding all living entities, small or big.