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Do you know a machine which has no maker and with no purpose?


We have absolutely no experience of any object or system coming about by chance. Why and how then can we assume that the entire universe with all its harmony, order and structured organization came about by itself, by chance?


Have you ever seen:

A complicated machine corning by Chance?

A complicated mechanism with no Purpose?


Suppose you go to the Strength of Materials laboratory and ask the lab incharge, "Where does the Universal Testing Machine (UTM) come from? And what is its purpose?" If he tells you that the UTM came by chance and that it has no purpose, will you not consider him to be a fool? This is what the so-called scientists of today are saying about the origin and the purpose of the most complicated mechanism - the universe. When a blind man leads many blind men everyone falls into a ditch. That is the condition of today's society.


Any sane man can appreciate that a superb organization requires a superb organizer. Nothing in our experience indicates that anything organized happens by accident. Rather, our entire experience shows that everything organized must have an organizer. Every machine, computer, building, even a pen and pencil had a maker, an organizer. Logically, the far more complex and awesome organization in the universe must have had an organizer too. Those who advocate the 'chance' theory must put forward some supportive evidence to back their viewpoint. If they could find one, just one, wristwatch, computer or even a chapati that happened without a maker or designer, that would be something. But there is not a single such piece of evidence ! Not even one !