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Laws of Nature


The development that has taken place in all the physical sciences during the past hundred years has resulted chiefly from the application of the 'Scientific Method' to the study of matter and energy. In the experimental part of this study every effort is made to eliminate every known possibility that the results obtained are in any way due to mere chance. This study consistently has shown in the past, and still continues to show that the behaviour of even insensible matter is not at all haphazard, but on the contrary obeys definite natural laws. The arrangement of chemical elements by the great Russian chemist, Mendeleef, is called 'The Periodic Law' and not 'The Periodic Chance'.


Also, the entire universe, from atoms to galaxies, is governed by definite physical laws. There are laws for governing heat, light, sound and gravity, for example. As physicist Stephen W. Hawking said : "The more we examine the universe, we find it is not. arbitrary at all but obeys certain well-defined laws that operate in different areas. It seems very reasonable to suppose that there maybe some unifying principle."


When we think of laws, we acknowledge that they come from a lawmaker. A traffic sign that says "Stop" certainly has behind it some person or group of persons who originated the law. What, then, about the comprehensive laws that govern the material universe? Such brilliantly conceived laws surely bear witness to a brilliant Lawmaker.