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A Charge against Chance


Some scientists are using the concept of chance in a way that misleads the public. Being unable to explain the origin of the universe by physical laws, they assert that it was somehow caused by chance. But such statements are meaningless.


To make any statement about a chance event meaningful, Many repetitions of the event in question are required and These must be observable.

For example, we can flip a coin many times and note the results. We can see that they correspond to a statistical pattern indicating a 50% probability that heads will turn up rather than tails. The word 'chance' therefore does not actually refer to a cause -it refers only to a certain type of pattern in the results of an operation repeated a sufficient number of times. Now imagine we could toss a given coin only once and it came up heads. If someone asked why that result happened, we might give a causal explanation or say that we don't know, but it wouldnot be meaningful to say it happened by chance So now what about the universe? It is not possible for us to observe more than one appearance of a universeó we can only see the one we are in. The origin of the universe is thus a one≠time event, and statements about it that involve chance are meaningless according to the rules of quantitative science.