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One-time seminars: One-time programs are regularly conducted on topics of interest to youths like 'Stress Management' 'Time Management' 'Proactive Leadership' 'Do your best and Leave the rest' 'Mind management' 'Self Management' 'Bhagavad-gita and art of work' etc., in various reputed institutes like IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, NIT Warangal, NIT Suratkal, NIT Jamshedpur and various multinational companies. This program involves a Color Slide show, Q-A, Quiz and Prasad at the end. Over a hundred thousand students have benefited from these programs in the past eight years.


Six-Day course: IYF also conducts six-session courses on modules like 'Discover Your Self and 'Essence of Bhagavad-gita' to teach students the basic principles of living a effective and pure life for ultimate material and spiritual success. Over 10,000 students have graduated through these courses Weekly Study Circles: Over 50 study circles are conducted every week near the colleges to help interested students to systematically assimilate the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita and learn the art of molding their lives with great Character and Competence.


Part-time Yearly courses : IYF offers three courses for youth - Self Awareness, Personality Development, Character build up - each lasting for a year. These courses teach the essence of the Vedic scriptures, skills for team-playing, public speaking, value education etc.


Weekend IYF meeting: The IYF meeting every Saturday evening serves as an opportunity for the entire IYF family -studying and working devotees - to come together for arti, kirtan, class and prasad. Separate classes are held for upcoming and mature devotees.


Youth festivals : The monthly youth festivals held in various IYFs all over India offer enlightening spiritual education and fulfilling spiritual experiences to thousands of youths.


Management and Leadership courses: The senior students are trained to emerge as dynamic servant leaders - learning to manage and guide a group of 30 to 40 students connected to a IYF by allotting services, scheduling, troubleshooting, conducting meetings, taking up different projects like organizing youth festivals, preaching programs, conducting Meditation Circles etc.


Cultural Activities: Dramas, Debates, Kirtans, Music, Dance and Spiritual picnics.


Spiritual Retreats: An outdoor retreat camp within the sanctified atmosphere of the holy places rejuvenates the youth,helps them to balance their academic and spiritual pursuits and brings them closer to God, nature and each other. In the past students have visited Chitrakoot, Pandharpur, Dehu, Haridwar, Kurukshetra, Hampi, Nasik, Udupi, Remuna, Vrindavan, Mayapur, Jagannath Puri, Sri Govardhan Dham, etc.