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IYF Girls' Wing


Recently under the guidance of Her Grace Radhika Mataji, Her Grace Satyavati mataji, His Grace Jaigopal prabhu,. Her   Grace   Anaga   Mohini.mataji, Her Grace Shyamala Gopi mataji and  several other I devotees,    ISKCON    Youth Forum, Pune has started girls' wing. Over 50 girls attend weekly meeting conducted on Saturday evening. The Discover Yourself book is being  covered in this meetings and attendance is gradually increasing. During the Janmasthmi festival IYF girls put up exhibition stall titled "Role of Women in Vedic society", which was crowded with  thousands of visitors. By the blessings of Srila Prabhupada and acharyas, we hope and expect that the IYF Girls' wing will expand by leaps & bounds and bring the wealth of Krishna  consciousness in lives of many, many girls.