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Yoga Meditation and Nutritious Diet


Vibrant   health,   peaceful   mind,   and satisfying     loving     relationships     are essential for a life of quality.  Almost everyone   could   live   healthily   for   a century if he just followed a life of plain living   and   high   thinking.   For   many reasons, however, people live unhealthy lives and die prematurely. People poison their digestive tract with meat, alcohol, and various chemicals used in junk-food coloring and preservation. They also poison their bodies with licit and illicit drugs, pain relievers, sleeping pills, etc.The purpose of food is to increase the duration of life, purify the mind and aid bodily strength. This is its only purpose. In the past, great authorities selected those foods that best aid health and increase life's duration, such as milk products, sugar, rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables.


At BACE, the serious students who follow all the principles of spiritual life, get Prasadam, sanctified food that is cooked in a hygienic way by devotees. It is wholesome, nutritious, satisfying and nourishing to body and soul.Yoga is meant for the reestablishment of our lost relationship with Krishna. Generally, one joins a yoga society in order to improve his health, to reduce fat. The goal of life is to realize the Lord situated within the heart of every living being. One who has no program to realize this is uselessly engaged in mock yoga practice and is certainly wasting his time. One cannot indulge in all types of sinful habits and attend a so-called yoga class and thus become a yogi. One has to practice controlling the mind and avoiding all kinds of sense gratification. The students at BACE are serious Bhakta yogis who live a Krishna-centered clean life that brings all auspiciousness for them and others.


Meditation is becoming famous all over the world as a singular tool to alleviate stress, free one from tension, brooding tendency and inferiority complex. It provides one inner strength, patience, tolerance, vigor, confidence, power to make decisions, clean the heart and brings one closer to God. Students living in BACE or connected to BACE regularly perform a fixed number of rounds of the Hare Krishna Mantra Meditation. This helps them control their passions and harness the valuable human energy to realize God and at the same time execute their duties to parents, home and nation perfectly.