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Public Speaking and Discussion (PSD)


This is to train them in Preaching. Here students are trained how to deliver lecture presentations on various topics like 'Art of Mind control', 'Stress Management', 'Does God exist?', etc., that are based on Bhagavad-gita and Vedic literature and their relevance and applicability in modern times. The students are taught to face challenges from the audience and be able to tackle difficult questions without losing temper. The students are assessed on the basis of ten criteria and room for improvements are offered to them. The final discussion by a seasoned preacher gives an icing on the cake and clarifies all the lingering misconceptions. Once a student is accepted as a eminent speaker with a background of proper behavior and character, then one is given opportunity to give presentations in the every week DYS course held in the temple. This matures them up more and more in the time to come.