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How are the students trained in the BACE?


Personality Development and Character Build Up


This is to train the students in the application of philosophy, values and principles in their personal life. The students of the BACE rise early morning by about 4:00 AM, take bath and assemble for mantra meditation, followed by arati and Group Discussion on a topic from scriptures for enlightenment. Thus they get the wisdom of one in eighties when they are just eighteen. The morning program gives them the cheerfulness and serenity that bring forth concentration in all activities of the day as well as mature behavior.


Students also leam etiquettes, manners and proper behavior to be followed while living in society. They leam how to deal with equals, juniors, seniors, elders in the family, parents, teachers. They also leans how to act in different situations, be they easy or difficult. Through training, integrity, truthfulness, simplicity, honesty, trustworthiness, non-envy, maturity, humility, freedom from false pride and many similar qualities are imparted. These form a solid foundation of character in their life. They are also taught competence skills like giving powerful presentations, self-management, mind control, conflict resolution, empathic listening etc to act with great competence. We have groups of students allotted as Junior, Senior, Preparatory Trainee Preachers Forum (PTPF), Trainee Preachers Forum (TPF), Preachers Forum (PF) according to the seniority and preaching talents of devotees. These groups are taught both character and competence skills to make their personality complete. Those who exhibit high qualities of character, integrity, sadhana standards, deep understanding of philosophy, exemplary behavior are chosen by the Counselors board as a Assistant Counselor in the beginning and eventually as a Counselor. Thus one gets to train a group of ten to twenty youths in imparting high character and competence. Those who exhibit devotional as well as managerial skills are absorbed in the positions of Acting Manager, Branch Manager, Overall Coordinator etc.