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Personal Care and Counseling


Every BACE student has a Counselor who acts in his life as a Philosopher, Friend and Guide. There are fifteen Counselors in Pune one of whom can be chosen by the student for personal guidance and counseling. The counselor answers the student's questions, shares his experiences, helps him come out of his physical, mental, and spiritual problems and trains him to face future challenges. The counselees fill up a sadhana card that acts as a report card filled up by the candidate giving details of his sleep, chanting, reading, hearing and other essential activities. This gives a picture to the Counselor about the performance of the individual candidate both spiritually and materially. There are regular counselor meetings held fortnightly or monthly to bring about a family atmosphere in the Counselor groups and to help them know one another and get a boost of inspiration to go on practicing Krishna consciousness. For the committed counselees, there are committees that extend their help marriage bureau, placement committee, etc.