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Developing Interpersonal Relationships


The Inter BACE tours are held, where students of one BACE go to another BACE. Both the groups get to know one another and their activities. BACE is now becoming a national academy and thus we have students from HTKGP, ITBHU, NIT Warangal, IIITM Gwalior and other university student devotees visiting Pune. Such meetings of Pune students and outstation students bring about great jubilation to both the parties. BACE also organizes big programs twice in a year where over 250 to 300 serious students come together for a four day program filled with Group discussion, Drama, Sankirtan, Chanting and Dancing, Feasting, Realization exchanges, Slide shows, Street Harinam, all BACEs meet and presentation etc. These programs lighten their hearts and bring them close to one another.