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For Social Cause


Jnana Daan Yajna (Book Distribution): IYF students distribute books on spirituality like Bhagavad-gita and other books at highly subsidized rates. Thousands of books containing the divine  wisdom of the Vedas have thus reached the students through this jnana daan Yajna.


Food for Life: Sanctified food (prasadam) is distributed to poor children and old people at specific times, thus nourishing both their bodies and souls.


Child education: Senior IYF students trained in public speaking impart the Vedic wisdom to children in the age group 5-15 during the weekend children schools. Hundreds of children are taking  part in these courses.


Value education: Senior IYF students conduct Value Education classes in several schools.


Seva: Students come together to perform mass-cleaning of the entire campus of the temple, wash pots, assist in cutting vegetables and in cooking, accounting, computer services and various  other services of the temple. They thus learn dignity of labor and devotion to God