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BACE Youth Centers managed by ISKCON, Pune


At this point it is important to mention that the word BACE was coined by a team of seniors at ISKCON Youth Form (IYF), Pune during 2001. IYF Pune was started in 1996. The term BACE is  welcomed in both schools and colleges by the authorities as they appreciate the Cultural and Educational activities. A BACE is established by ISKCON, Pune gradually as the preaching  blossoms amongst a group of youth. It is not just a flat where a bunch of youths stay together, take prasadam and go for study or work. A BACE is a active youth preaching unit meant to bring  suffering youths to the lotus feet of Krishna. Thus the BACE evolves in the following stages from a Youth Program to a Youth Center into a BACE :


Youth Program


*A  preacher  distributes   spiritual  books  among  hostel  students  and identifies the interested ones.

*He identifies a host who can hold a weekly program in his room.

*The preacher sets up a 'Bhagavad-gita study circle' or 'Spiritual scientists club' that meets weekly.


Youth Center


The preacher over a period of 6 months to one year, gathers serious youths who regularly chant some rounds and pools them up together in bungalow or flat in a area densely populated by  youth, where they can practice and propagate Krishna consciousness together in each others' association. Thus 'Youth Program' evolves into 'Youth Center'


The inmates follow the morning program and chant a few rounds. Some may start chanting 16 rounds and follow all four regulative principles.


The preacher may give a evening program, stay overnight and also give the next day morning mangal arati program and lecture on Vaishnava etiquettes.




As inmates take Krishna consciousness more and more seriously, the 'Youth Center' evolves into a 'BACE'. At this stage, the following standards are expected:

There should be at least six 16 rounder inmates; one amongst them is appointed as the OC (Overall Coordinator) to take care of all the inmates in following their studies as well as spiritual life  standards.


There should be at least 12 devotee students living in the flat (non-working college going students). Although some of the inmates may be chanting less than 16 rounds, all inmates strictly follow  the four regulative principles - No meat eating, No gambling, no intoxication, no illicit sex, no eggs, no coffee or tea, no onion or garlic in food.


There should be a big altar as per ISKCON standards. The Deity pictures are worshiped in the BACE instead of Deities, for keeping the preaching as the main activity. The inmates are taught  how to worship the Lord, play instruments and sing the morning songs.


There should be Siksastakam recitation, Mangal arati, Nrsimha arati, Chanting Hare Krishna, Shrimad Bhagavatam Class in the morning ending with breakfast prasadam.


The students follow the system of 'Morning for Krishna, Evening for studies'. They fill up sadhana cards that show the individual's spiritual standards and regularity in the study of college books.


A devotee cook is appointed by the Preacher to cook bhoga, offer to Deity pictures and distribute prasadam to inmates as well as weekly program attendees. The inmates assist in all activities to  be carried out in running the BACE like purchase, cooking assistance, cleaning, assisting preaching activities etc.


ISKCON Pune establishes and gives a new spiritual name to a BACE, only when there is a minimum of six devotee students who chant sixteen rounds of Hare Krishna daily and follow all the  four regulative principles - At this point, the BACE headquarters at. Pune gifts them a altar for worship and the other facilities like prasadam, accommodation, counseling etc. The students living  in the BACE are strictly supposed to adhere to the discipline given by Srila Prabhupada in terms of morning sadhana, reading, chanting, living a pure life. Unmarried women are prohibited entry  into the BACE. Married women are prohibited to visit BACE without their husbands. The students who are late for the morning programs have to fulfill transcendental punishment requirements by  writing maha mantra a fifty four times. There are several rules and policies for joining the spiritual mess in the BACE that restrict the entry of less serious candidates.


We would like to inform you that we are responsible only for the BACEs that are connected to ISKCON, Pune temple. Anyone who wants to join any of the BACEs connected to Pune has to bring  a letter from his spiritual mentor or the local President of ISKCON and submit the same to Director, BACE, Pune.


The following are the BACE Youth Centers managed by Pune currently all over India. At every one of these centers given below, generally 20 to 40 students or working youths live a life based on  pure principles. Anyone interested in knowing more information can contact the following addresses:


1.       IIT, Kharagpur (Krishnagatipur BACE)

Ankur   Gupta,   Ph:   09434230514   /   Pavan   VSK,   Ph: 09333413938

ISKCON, 234/New, Ward No. 25 (Near the house of

Mr. Sudhir Guha),

PO. Talbagocha, Kharagpur. Ph.: (03222) 220357

Sriguru Caran das, Ph: 9422523404

Acharya Ratna das, Ph: 09434047299


2.       Institute of Technology IT, BHU, Varanasi,   (Gopeshwar

Dham BACE)

Vishal M: 09935683313

Hare Krishna Ashram, Sri Ram Complex,

Near Hydrabad Gate, Susuvahi, BHU, Varanashi, UP,

Ph: 0542-2575224

Advaita Acharya das       Ph: 9422523405


3.       National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal


1-1-26/1, Chaitanyapuri, Near Balaji Temple, Kazipet, Warangal, A.P., Pin-506004, Ph: 09848140640 Balgovind das, Ph: 09325502474


4.       National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshethpur


Anand Babu, Ph: 09234790387

MIG 154, NIT Gate, Adityapur, Jamshethpur, Jarkhand,

Sriguru Caran das, Ph: 9422523404


5.       National   Institute   of  Technology,   Karanatak   (NITK),


Aditya Mittal

Surabhi, Behind PG. Hostel, Surat Kal, Mangalore - 575 025. Ph: 0824-2478040 Shyamrupa das Ph: 9422079881


6.       BVP College of Engineering (Sridham Mayapur BACE)

Ram Priya das

1, Krishna Kamal Apartments, 1st floor, Behind Chaitanya Nagar bus stop, Pune-Satara Road, Pune - 43 Ph: 24362557


7.       Sinhagad College of Engineering (Giri Govardhan BACE)

Mayank Bhasin

Ayodhya Apt., Flat No. 9,

Near Wadgaon Budruk Bus Stop,

Wadgaon Budruk, Pune. Ph.: 24350605


8.       Narada Mahajan BACE, Pune,

Corporate youth Nityananda sabha community

Flat No.201,  OM  Paradise,  Sadhuwaswani Chowk, Pune.-411 001 Subramanyam: 9326043096


9.       Murlidhar BACE, Pune, Corporate youth Gauranga sabha


4, Tarapore Rd., Next to Dastur Boys School, Camp,pune-1, Ph.: 26332328, 26361855


10.     DY Patil College of Engineering

(Shrivas Angan Youth Center)

Vamshi vadan das

B-6,   Row  Houses  at  Dhruva  Darshan,  Near  PCP College, Akurdi,

Bhaktivedanta Academy for Culture & Education(BACE)      169

Pune, Ph: 27659083 E-mail:


11.     Maharashtra Institute of Technology

(Mathura Youth Center) Satish Ghenand

J-29, 5th Floor, Sneha Paradise, MIT College Road, Paud Road, Kothurd, Pune. Ph: 25460928 Murari das, Ph: 09422523401


12.     Moze  College  of Engineering,  Pune  (Youth  Center -

shortly will be named)

Shailesh Dube Ph: 9371203364

B-12, Gulmohar Society,  Opp.  Sanatan Hotel, New

Baner, Pune

RamNitai Das Ph: 9850903577


13.     Pune Institute of Computer Technology, PICT (Vrindavan

Youth Center)

Ram Priya das, M: 31001716

Gogawali Bungalow, Servey No. 34/6/5, Opp. Mamta

Sweet Home,

Behind PICT College, Dhankawadi,  Pune - 43.


14.     Army   Institute   of   Technology   (AIT),   Pune   (Youth


Shankar Padit das / Sri Navdwip das, Ph: 9325014470 AIT Hostel, Dighi, Pune.


15.     Cusro Wadia College, Pune (Youth Program)

Vikas Kale, Ph: 9326899296

New Buiding, Room No. 14, Impact Hall, Pune-411 001 Pudarik Vidya Nidhi das: 9823116596


16.     Tolani   Maritime   Institute   (Offcampus      Center)   BITS

(Youth Program)

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, BITS Pilani Siddarth Kumar, Ph: (02114) 241870-71-73 Extn: 4108 Tnduri, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune - 410 507 Sankirtan Ananad das


17.     College of Engineering, Pune,COEP (Youth Program)

Shuank Rishi das, Ph: 9860426948

Room No.: 1-320, COEP Hostel, Shivajinagar, Pune


18.     RV College of Engineering, Banglore (Youth Program)

Sudip, Ph: 09343163044

DJ Block, Room No: 119 Vishal Kaushal Ph: 09845748968 Ram Mohan, Ph: 09880685342


19.     Ganesh Institute of Technology, Chennai (Youth Program)

Shrikanth Bethala, Mobile: 9884193794

Pyramid Ellora, Plot No. 70, Flat No.-G, 6 th Street, Adambakkam post office, Chennai-600088 Sankirtan Anand das


20.     Indian  Institute  for  Aeronautical  Engg.   & Information

Technology, Pune (Youth Program)

Rohit Sharma: Ph: 25201390

C3 Building, Flat No.9, Popular Colony, Warje Malwadi, Pune-411 052 Sankirtan Anand das