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The position of a person whose mind and senses are uncontrolled becomes pitiable. On one side the tongue is pulling him to arrange for tasty food; then thirst drags one to get a suitable drink. Simultaneously, the sex organs clamor for satisfaction, and the sense of touch demands soft, sensuous objects. The belly harasses one until it is filled, the ears demand to hear pleasant sounds, the sense of smell hankers for pleasant aromas, and the fickle  eyes clamor for pleasing sights. Thus the senses, organs, and limbs, all desiring satis­faction, pull the living entity in many directions. All these senses wander astray in all direc­tions due to an uncontrolled mind.


A foolish man who knows no solution when faced with dangers in life, may fall prey to bad vices like smoking, drinking or suicide, to free himself from suffering; but he is inviting more suffering than ever before. In modern times we can practically see people getting stress, lack of confidence, lack of determination and so on.... due to an uncontrolled mind. 'What profiteth a man who has gained the entire world, but has lost his own soul? — certainly a sensible question. There is no peace and happiness in accumulation of wealth, or pos­sessing bodily beauty, or in display of strength. The real secret of happiness is a controlled mind, which is gradually achieved through a God-conscious way of life.