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Similarly we must refrain our senses from engaging in activities which only pollute our mind and consciousness. Such activities are primarily meat-eating, gambling, intoxication and illicit sex. These activities must be strictly given up. Most people would say, "Why are you restricting me from doing what I want? I want to be completely free and do what I like." Actually Lord Krishna describes such restric­tions as "regulative principles of free­dom". One may argue, "What kind of free­dom is this? Restriction means no freedom." Such persons do not understand that by cul­tivating bad habits one becomes a slave of his senses. For example, a smoker may say, "I smoke because I like it and it gives me more concentration in my work. But I smoke out of my own sweet, free will. Whenever I choose to, I can give it up." They say this only because of their inflated ego. In reality such people become slaves of their habits and are never able to give it up throughout their lives. In the Western world in the name of 'freedom' everyone engages in 'free sex', boozing, etc without any restriction and they become ad­dicted to such activities. Their minds, which are never satiated, torture and urge them to engage in these sinful activities more and more. Besides this they suffer terrible diseases like AIDS and cancer and they also clear their royal road to hell.