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You may question, "If you are telling me to refrain from so many things, what should I do? I cannot remain inert and idle. I must DO SOMETHING!!!". It is extremely important to engage the senses in superior spiritual ac-tivities. The senses are so strong and impetu­ous, that they forcibly carry away the mind even of a man of discrimination who is endeavor­ing to control them. (BG 2.60). So if the mind and senses are not engaged in superior Krishna conscious activities, then they will immediately drag you to material sense en­joyment.


There are many learned, sages, philoso­phers and transcendentalists who try to con­quer the senses but, in spite of their endeav­ors, even the greatest of them sometimes fall victim to material sense enjoyment due to an agitated mind. The great sage Vishvamitra tried to practice mystic yoga with severe pen­ance by strictly controlling the mind and senses. But when he heard the tinkling of the ankle bells of Menaka, all the desires for sense enjoyment in Visvamitra's mind came up to the surface. He forgot all his yoga practices and enjoyed with her. Therefore, it is very difficult to control the mind and senses without expe­riencing a higher taste, and being fully Krishna conscious. Without engaging our mind in Krishna, one cannot cease material activities.