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The following analogy can be found in the pages of the Upanishads, which helps one to understand the gross body, mind, intelligence and the soul. It is described in the Vedic lit­erature that the gross material body is like a chariot. The soul is the passenger in the chariot. The intelligence is the driver and the mind is the driving instrument (the reins or ropes). Finally, the senses are the horses. If the senses (horses) are uncontrolled and wild, the body (chariot) will be led in the wrong di­rections. If, however, the intelligence (driver) is strong and resolute, then he can exercise tight control on the mind (the reins), and thus restrain and discipline the senses (horses). The overall purpose of the whole soul-body arrangement can thus be fulfilled only if the senses are controlled.


Therefore, we can understand that although the mind plays a pivotal role, above the mind there is the determination of the intelligence. And yet above the intelligence is the soul proper. It is stated in the Bhagavad-gita (3.42): "The working senses are superior to dull mat­ter, mind is higher than the senses; intelli­gence is still higher than the mind; and he (the soul) is even higher than the intelligence.