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Youth as Victims


It is understood that one who has taken birth in India tried to cultivate spiritual culture in his previous birth. Therefore he has been given the opportunity to take birth in India. India is so fortunate. But as soon as he takes birth, the rascal leaders spoil him.The rascal father spoils him. The rascal teacher spoils him. So what can they do, the poor younger generation? They are being taught, "Spiritual culture is useless. Because we are so spiritually inclined, the foreigners came and lorded over us. Now give up all this nonsense. Become a technologist." This is going on.This will not make us happy.1Although India is the land of spiritual culture, our children have no connection with Bhagavad-gita in the schools and colleges. They are simply trained up for sense gratification. Sense gratification is meant to be supressed, but they are being given education in it. They do not know what is karma (proper action) and what is vikarma (improper action). When the students become disobedient, create riots and burn buses, then the older generation lament. But why you have educated the students like that? Who is responsible for this? The rascals, they do not know.2They are thinking that, "I have become civilized. I have become educated. Therefore I shall not practise religion." So are the Western Krsna devotees not educated? Are they not civilized? Why are Indian boys refusing? That is my question. They are losing the opportunity of taking birth in India. They are so fortunate to take their birth in India, but they are refusing this culture. That is the effect of modern education.3