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The Land of Religion


This is the land of religion. It is admitted by other parts of the world. Columbus was searching after India for trade, even hundreds of years ago. People are coming to India for knowledge, philosophy, trade, and money. Why did the Britishers come? For money. India was exploited for thousands of years and the standard of civilization deteriorated. Still, India's position is unique, even in this fallen condition. Now people are degraded from their previous high standard, both spiritually and materially. Still, they have their feelings for religion. It is still going on.14

There are millions and billions of followers of Krsna in India. Not only ordinary followers. Also many great stalwarts, educationists and saintly persons like Sahkaracarya, Madhvacarya, Ramanujacarya, Lord Caitanya, and other great educated and learned scholars have accepted Krsna. There are so many others also. And there are millions and millions of temples of Krsna. They are being worshiped by millions and billions of devotees still. Still, if you go some Krsna temple in South India, you'll find thousands of thousands of people always assembled. Whenever you go in that Jaipur temple, within the king's palace, you'll find at least one thousand men assembled. If you go to Jagannatha Purl, you'll find at least two thousand men, daily coming and going. If you go to Vrndavana, you'll find at least five thousand men, daily coming and going. In Vrndavana itself there are five thousand temples. Out of that only seven or eight are very big. In other words, each and every house is a Krsna temple. Somebody asked me, "How many Krsna conscious people are there in India ?" At least ninety percent of the Hindus are Krsna conscious.15