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India is the Best Place for Spiritual Life


According to Vedic civilization, the holy places of pilgrimage are considered most sacred, and still there are hundreds and thousands of holy places like Jagannatha Purl, Vrndavana, Hardwar, Ramesvaram, Prayaga and Mathura. India is the place for worshiping or for cultivating spiritual life. The Krsna consciousness movement invites everyone from all over the world, without discrimination as to caste or creed, to come to its centres and cultivate spiritual life perfectly.Everyone who happens to take his birth in India is a potential benefactor of others, because it is on Indian soil alone that the culture of transcendental knowledge has been most elaborately presented, from ancient times to the present. The saints and sages of Bharata-varsa, as India has long.been known, never tried to cultivate or satisfy artificially the needs of the body and the mind exclusively; they always cultured the transcendental spirit soul, which is above the material body and mind. And even now, the saints and sages continue to do so, in spite of all difficulties.