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India Once Ruled the World


It is clear that the kings of India once ruled all the world and that their culture was Vedic.11More than five thousand years ago, while Saint Vidura was travelling the earth as a pilgrim, India was known as fc Bhdrata-varsa, as it is known even today. The history of the world cannot give any systematic account for more than three thousand years into the past, but before that the whole world was under the flag and military strength of Maharaja Yudhisthira, who was the emperor of the world. At present there are hundreds and thousands of flags flapping in the United Nations, but during the time of Vidura there was, by the grace of Ajita, Lord Krsna, only one flag. The nations of the world are very eager to again have one state under one flag, but for this they must seek 9 the favour of Lord Krsna, who alone can help us become one worldwide nation.


Outsiders Are Accepting Krsna Consciousness


It is a glory for us that people in other countries,/ outside India, are accepting this cult of Krsna conscious-' ness.