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Overcoming the Demoniac Culture


Actually there is no civilization at the present moment. They are simply cats and dogs and fighting one another. This is not civilization. Atheists and demons are predominating. Because they have got big, big skyscraper buildings and many motor cars, India has become victimized: "Oh, without motor cars and skyscraper buildings, we are condemned." So they are trying to imitate. They have forgotten their own culture, the best culture, the Vedic culture. So for the first time we are trying to conquer over the demoniac culture with the Vedic culture. If you want to make the human society happy, give them this culture of Krishna consciousness.   If you become involved in this demoniac culture, then the samsara-cakra, the wheel of repetition of birth and death, will go on. You cannot stop it. It is not possible. But if you take to Krsna consciousness, then it is possible.7