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Looking to the Future


Editor's comment: Modern India has so many problems that it may be thought that religion is just one more of them. "Let us feed people first," we hear people say, "and solve all other problems—then we can think about religion." Unfortunately, however sincerely we try, we will never be able to solve all problems in this material world, for the very nature of this world is that it is full of problems.However, if the people of India take up the chanting of Hare Krsna and seriously cooperate with the Krsna consciousness movement, then, by the grace of God, they will see myriad problems drop away as if they never existed.   India can again be a happy, civilized nation, a model for all others on earth, if she revives her culture of God consciousness. How this can happen may be inexplicable by material understanding, but it is possible by the blessings of God.