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India Will Be Glorified


This Hare Krsna movement is Indian culture. If the leaders of Indian culture take it seriously, certainly India's glories will be magnified. In foreign countries India is much advertised as a poverty stricken country. But, if India can give her spiritual culture, Krsna consciousness, she will be glorified everywhere.9The difficulty is that India is nowhere. They are trying to imitate Western life, but from a materialistic or technical point of view, they are one hundred years back. There is one thing I am experiencing.  If India's spiritual -asset is distributed, that will increase India's honour. Because everywhere I go, people still adore Indian culture. If this treasure-house of India's spiritual knowledge is properly distributed, at least people outside of India will understand that they are getting something from India.10Everything is in Bhagavad-glta.All solutions, social, political and economical.   It is our property.It was spoken in India, and it was desired that all Indians should learn it and spread the knowledge all over the world, on Caitanya Mahaprabhu's order.  But the rascals are doing nothing. Other parts of the world are in darkness. There is a great necessity of spreading the knowledge of Bhagavad-gita all over the world.The customers are ready.  So if you want the glory of India, if you want to glorify your life, just study Bhagavad-glta as it is and spread it all over the world. You'll be honoured. Single-handed, whatever I have done, they are thinking it is wonderful.And if we get many, many people to go outside India and preach this gospel of Bhagavad-glta, they will be benefitted and you will be glorified.   Your country will be glorified.    Spread this message of Bhagavad-glta.  It is a fact; it is not a story.   People are fed up with this wrong type of civilization.11