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India's Present Condition


Editor's comment: India is the land of Krsna and Rama, of Bhagavad-glta, of Gahga, of sages and rsis. The land of religion and culture. Even materially, India was so rich that the Moguls and Europeans, coming from a great distance with much difficulty, fought with each other for the "right" to exploit India. Still, the potential is there: plentiful natural resources and many intelligent people. But India today is a chaotic mess. Most people live below the poverty line, with no hope of ever getting above it. The cities are over-crowded, disordered and filthy. Dishonesty, corruption, exploitation, riots and murder are part of normal life. Nobody cares. Everyone is fall of anxiety. No one trusts anyone else. No one is happy.Indians, once famous for their devotion to God, now prefer to worship unchaste women, fools, rascals and paper. Women known as film heroines flirt before § millions and vulgarly expose their bodies to all. In traditional Indian culture, women were respected and glorified for their chastity. Indian womanhood has been demeaned by these ladies of little virtue who are nevertheless respected practically on the level of goddesses.The fools are many, among whom sports stars are prominent. When a Test match is on, all India is in front of a TV. But what are they watching? Twenty-two fully grown men intensely engaged in throwing a ball and hitting it with' a piece of wood. It is an event of monumental meaninglessness that by mental concoction only is given such importance. Factually, the outcome of the game makes no difference to anything, except the minds of those who are stupid enough to take it seriously.The rascals are also numerous.Consider the politicians.   Everyone knows that they are corrupt, self-interested cheaters and liars.   Still they are given so much honour.   Is this not foolishness ? Atheistic scientists are also big rascals.  Nowadays, people question what Krsna S says in the Bhagavad-gita, but implicitly accept the wo. ds of the scientists, even though they talk all nonsense (such as: "Life is a product of matter"), regularly contradict each other, and have been proved wrong on innumerable ^ occasions.Another class of mahd-rascal constitutes the " petty magicians who dare to call themselves God.Still, for most Indians today, even all these "gods " are not as important as the paper one: money.


Everyone has dedicated themselves, body, mind, and soul to the acquisition of money.Of course, faith in Krsna and Rama has not been completely given up.   A "Rama-revival" is on, although

 some claim it to be more political than spiritual.  Temple-going is on the increase.   However, everyone goes for material benedictions.I need money.Help me pass my v exams. Give me this.  Give me that." No-one is interested to love God for His own sake.Even among those who consider themselves pious, most are not very serious about religion. On the list of their personal interests, religion comes below family, business, TV, sports, cinema, politics, etC. Even some pious-minded Indians, under the influence of modern trends, now think that sinful activities such as eating * meat, fish and eggs, taking wine, tobacco and other intox¬icants, extra-marital sex, and abortion, are not so bad, quite normal, or even proper.This is the position of punya-bhumi today.   How did   r this great country fall into such a horrible condition? In this and the next section, Srlla Prabhupada analyzes India's present condition and the multiple causes of her decline.The time is very bad at the present moment every¬where, especially in India. Of course, India's original culture is alright. But unfortunately, our modern leaders are killing the original culture. They want to introduce Western culture. Now openly there are beef shops and wine shops. What can be done? It is Kali-yuga. But those who are intelligent should take to this Krsna consciousness movement and make their human life successful.1Every living entity has got the tendency for sex life, meat eating and liquor. The country where these things are indulged in without restriction is called the country of the asuras (demons). That is especially in the Western countries, and now we have also learned. In India, for both Hindus and Muslims, drinking was a sin, but now liquor is easily available, and at every door there is a meat shop. There was time when all in India were devatds (godly); now we are imitating the asuras.2Now in India also, where some Vedic principles were still glowing, that is also being finished.


Pravrttim ca A nivrttim ca jana na vidur asurdhJ na saucam ndpi cdcdro na satyarh tesu vidyate "Those who are demoniac do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Neither cleanliness nor proper behaviour nor truth are found in them." {Bhagavad-gitd 16.7) They are learning from the Westerners how'to remain unclean, how to eat meat, how to drink wine, and so on. And they do not know what is truthfulness. In other words, everyone is a liar.3In India, which was once the land of religion and brahminical culture, things have deteriorated to such an extent that a man in a higher caste is recognized simply by putting a piece of thread on the body as a sign of sanctity. The so-called swamis are cheating the public because the public also want to be cheated by cheap methods of self-realization. They are practicing so-called A yoga performances for reducing fat and keeping the body fit for sense gratification. If one has insufficient money, it is very hard for him to get justice from the court. And if anyone can simply bluff by so-called advancement of knowledge, he is offered the doctorate degree. If a man is •a poor, he is at once accepted as uncivilized. If a man is falsely proud, he is accepted as civilized.4"Modern" people in India are all rascals.5After losing our own culture, we have become a set of fools. This is the real conclusion. Mudha. We have become so lowest of mankind and mudha and full of sinful activities that we cannot  understand what Krsna says.6When a person forgets his position as an eternal

$     servant of Krsna, he commits many sinful activities, but one who maintains his position as an eternal servant of Krsna cannot deviate from the path of morality, religion and ethics. At the present, people all over the world, especially in India, have forgotten their relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His eternal servants. Therefore the principles of morality, religion and ethics have almost disappeared. This situation is most unprofitable for human society. Therefore everyone should try to accept Krsna consciousness and follow the principles of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.7


It was customary for members of the three higher classes—namely the brahmanas, ksatriyas and vaisyas— to worship the salagrama-sild, or a small Deity of Radha-Krsna or Sita-Rama, in each and every home. This made everything auspicious. But now they have given up Deity worship. Men have become modernized and are conse- <?, quently indulging in all sorts of sinful activities, and therefore they are extremely unhappy.8When we consider the past condition of the agricultur¬alist in the village, we can see how opulent he was, simply because of agricultural produce and protection of cows. At the present, however, agriculture having been p neglected and cow protection given up, the agriculturalist is suffering pitiably and is dressed in a niggardly torn cloth. This is the distinction between the India of history and the India of the present day. By the atrocious activi- b ties of ugra-karma, how we are killing the opportunity of human civilization!9


In the educational system, there is no Bhagavad-gitd. How unfortunate! One Indian girl in Berkeley University ^ asked me, "Swamiji, what is God?" Just see. She's Indian, from where God, Ramacandra or Krsna, takes birth, and she is now materially advanced. Now she is asking what is God. That is our position. From the land where God comes, an advanced student is asking, "What is God?" That is our advancement.10In India Krsna comes, in India Lord Ramacandra comes. But they have now taken it very cheaply. Rascals and fools and rogues are claiming that, "I am Krsna." They are accepted because India has fallen. Because there is no brahminical culture, they cannot understand that those who claim to be Krsna are fools and rascals. Is Krsna so cheap? No. Instead of accepting Krsna, we are accepting some imitation, some rogue, as Krsna. This is our misfortune.11What is the position of India? Nobody cares for India. Wherever I go, they say, "Oh, India? That's a poverty-stricken country." That is your good name. Because your administrators are going: "Give me this, give me that.Give me money. Give me weapons so we can be saved from the slapping of Pakistan." A begging business. India's position is not very glorious outside India. You may be puffed up that you have become independent. But everyone is anxious to have your spiritual culture, everyone.  They know that, "If you want to know about spiritual culture and religion, you must go to India."12


In India, we have to fight a little.  There are so many atheists. But the mass of people are alright.13