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The British Influence


India is a country of religion. Indians know that spiritual life is more important than material life. That is India. Now they are diverting their attention to the material; otherwise the whole of India is for spiritual life. This material life is brought from the Western countries. These railways, bridges, factories, industries, export and import, and then slaughterhouse, drinking, and prostitution—these are all the British contribution. In India, before that, they did not know these things. The British policy was that, "If the Indians remain Indian, it will be impossible to govern them. Give them education and condemn everything Indian." There was not a single factory before the British days. The industry idea is completely Western. And tea gardens.28Editors note: Even cricket and democracy, now part of Indian life, are imported from the West. They are not part of India's original, spiritual-based culture.The British were expert politicians. Their intelligent policy was to kill India's spiritual status. One British politi ian, Lord McCauley, studied the whole Indian situation. He reported that, "If you keep Indians as Indians, you'll never be able to rule over them. They must be trained up to think of their own culture as useless, and that Western culture is very good. That impression must be there. Otherwise, you cannot rule over them." So the education and everything was going on imperceptibly on this principle. That went on for the last two hundred years. So educated persons lost their culture. The mass of people were not educated. They have not lost their culture, but they don't find any good example by the leaders. They are simply staying somehow or other in their original culture, but there is no encouragement by the leaders. Just like (one of India's first post-independence leaders) was a complete rascal about Indian culture. He did not think that Indian culturehas any value. Therefore in his book about "discovering India" he has recommended that Indians become Europeanized. Industry, the Western way of living and eating, pollution, abortion and everything.29