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Not Accepting krishna's Supremacy and Authority


That is the difficulty in India. As soon as we say, "krishna is the Supreme Lord, there is no-one superior to krishna," others will say, "No, why is this gentleman not superior to krishna?" That is the difficulty. They'll not accept. Their brain is filled with hodge-podge things. Therefore they cannot take to krishna consciousness properly. Of course, at heart, in India, everyone feels for krishna, but they have been educated in such a wrong way that they cannot accept krishna as the Supreme, as krishna Himself says, mattah parataram nanyat. This is the difficulty. Unless you accept that krishna is the Supreme, your education, your knowledge and everything is imperfect.24You do not read the Bhagavad-glta. You quote some so-called saint, and another, and another. But krishna is God. The cause of India's misfortune is that you don't accept krishna as the authority. All the great sages such as Asita, Devala, Vyasa, and in the present era, Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Nimbarka, Caitanya Mahaprabhu, all accept, krishnas tu bhagavan (krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead). But you don't follow the acaryas, the authorities, or krishna. You bring some concoction.   They have given up the real authority and accepted some foolish man as an authority. Therefore we are presenting Bhagavad-gita As It Is, the supreme authority. Mattah parataram nanyat kihcid asti dhanafi-jaya. aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam pravartate (From Bhagavad-gita—krishna declares that there is no truth superior to Him, and that He is the source of everything). Why don't you take this?25Indians are Becoming Insane.


This has spoiled our India's Vedic culture. Everyone has invented their own way, and they have misled the common people. That is the misfortune of modern India. The standard instruction is there in the Bhagavad-gita. They do not care to know it. They want to know about the greatness of Bala Yogi, Sai Baba, this baba, that baba. They give up the real instruction, Bhagavad-gita, which is accepted by the great deary as—Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Nimbarka, Caitanya Mahaprabhu—and which is accepted all over the world. They are not interested to know Bhagavad-gTta; they are interested to know iijout Sai Baba. They give up the real thing, and accept the imitation. Just see their misfortune! India is so misguided that it will take some time to come. What will I speak to India? Bhagavad-gTta. Bhagavad-gita was already there, and still is there. But India's misfortune is that they are so neglectful, they don't care for it. They'll ask, "Why not this baba? Why not that baba?" That is the difficulty. They have become "over-intelligent," n( actually intelligent. We are preaching that krishna is th\ Supreme Lord. That is in the sdstra and the Vedas, everywhere. But you won't believe it. You'll say, "Why is krishna the Supreme God? Here is another God. And another. And another." You'll bring hundreds and thousands of "Gods." Certainly I plan to propagate this message in India, but who is going to take it? Bhagavad-gTta is already there, but who will take it? They will bring another competition. "Ah, what Hare krishna? We have heard it.   We have seen Bhagavad-gita." If you become neglectful, that is the greatest offence. So India is an offender. What I am preaching to others is India's philosophy. But Indians won't take it. Anyone who is sane, sober and open-minded, will agree with what I say. Not only Hindus. We have got so many Muslims also. So unless one is open-minded, sane and intelligent, one cannot understand. Therefore I say that Indians are becoming insane. By the influence of so many rascals they are becoming insane. Insanity is prevailing all over the world, but not so much as in India, that they are rejecting their own thing. That is the greatest insanity. That has to be rectified.26