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Indians are trained by culture and birth. The land of Bharata-varsa is punya-bhumi. Still, at Kumbha-mela many millions of people come to take bath in the Ganges, because it is pious. Spiritual fluid flows through the veins of Indians. Unfortunately the leaders are misguiding them, and they are becoming atheists. It is a very regret¬table situation.7Every Indian has got a great opportunity because this is the land of religion, the land of spiritual knowledge. But they are being taught, "Throw away these books." India is now in such an unfortunate condition. They are recommending wholesale cow slaughter in India, to make business. Unfortunately, we have to be governed by such rascals.8It has been a long process how the Indians, especially educated Indians, have become victimized by the slowly deteriorating position of Indian culture. There is no use tracing out the history, but generally we have lost our own culture, and our leaders are not very serious to revive it. Still the mass of people, being not very much advanced in education, stick to the Indian culture. For example, lakhs of people still visit Jagannatha Pun during the Rathayatra Festival, lakhs still visit the Kumbha-mela, and lakhs still visit the holy places of India, but there is no encouragement by the leaders.9Being a spiritualistic country, why has India fall'' into darkness? Because there is great propaganda by the leaders to curb spiritual culture. Those born in India are understood to have practised spiritual life in their previous lives. Bharata-bhumite haila manusya-janma yarn. There is great opportunity for spiritual advance¬ment for those born in India. They are naturally inclined. Unfortunately, by force, by propaganda, we are suppressing them. Still we get experience that when we hold Hare Krsna festivals in Calcutta, Bombay, and other places, many thousands of people come. Because at heart there is Krsna consciousness, but by external force they are being suppressed. It is not natural. It is unnatural. By nature, every Indian is Krsna conscious. By artificial means they are being suppressed. This is the misfortune of present-day of India.10


We do not want to criticize anyone, but sometimes it so happens. Big, big scholars, big, big politicians, they misguide people. That is the position of India. So many big, big leaders and politicians and so-called swamis and yogis, they have exploited people by bluffing, and now India's position is neither spiritual nor material. Just like if there are two boats and we place one leg in one boat and the other leg in the other, our position becomes very precarious. So we are like that. Neither in this boat, neither in that boat. We are learning technology, and the Western countries are always a hundred years ahead of us. We cannot compete. This technology is for sudras. Technology is not the occupation for the brahmanas, ksatriyas, or vaisyas. That is not knowledge. Knowledge means to know God. The Western countries take advancement of knowledge to mean manufacturing big motor cars. That's all. That is also good. But simply for manufacturing motor cars, if we forget our real business, God realization, then it is ruinous. Then we become miidhas (fools).11After many, many births, one is given the opportunity to take birth in this holy land of Bharata-varsa. Unfortunately, you are by force making them materialistic. They had the opportunity to take advantage of the contribution of great sages and rsis, to study and to become a successful human being, but by force you are dragging them to this materialistic way of life. This is violence.12At the present moment in India the presidential offices are occupied by many so-called brahmanas, but the state maintains slaughterhouses for killing cows and makes propaganda against Vedic civilization.


The first principle of Vedic civilization is the avoidance of meat-eating and intoxication. Presently in India, intoxication and meat-eating are encouraged, and the so-called learned brahmanas presiding over this state of affairs have certainly become degraded. These so-called brahmanas give sanction to slaughterhouses for the sake of a fat salary, and they do not protest these abominable activi¬ties. By deprecating the principles of Vedic civilization and supporting cow killing, they are immediately degraded to the platform of mlecchas and yavanas. A mleccha is a meat-eater, and a yavana is one who has deviated from Vedic culture. Unfortunately, such mlecchas and yavanas are in executive power. How, then, can there be peace and prosperity in the state?13Nowadays people are being taught to drink wine, eat meat, and do whatever they like. So they will go down to animal life. They have no knowledge. The leaders are blind and they are leading other blind men. So it is a very dangerous civilization. In spite of being born in India, in spite of having the privilege of studying Bhagavad-gita, they are not taking advantage of it, and they are being misled like cats and dogs. It is a very regrettable condition. The Krsna consciousness movement is the only challenge to this devilish life of the human society. So I request everyone to study this philosophy very carefully and take advantage of it. Thank you very much.14We should take advantage of the sastras, Vedic knowledge. It is India's property. Spiritual knowledge was cultivated in India, but because andha yathandhair upaniyamanas (the blind are leading the blind—Sfimad-Bhdgavatam 7.5.31)— our rascal leaders, they are leading these andhas, they are not interested. They are now inter¬ested how to eat meat and drink wine. This is India's very horrible condition. Responsible people should take note of it and try to spread the Krsna consciousness

 movement as far as possible. That will be beneficial for all the people in general and for the preachers also. This is our movement. Thank you very much. Hare Krsna.15