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Impersonalism has killed India's Vedic culture. On account of these impersonalists, Mayavadis, the whole of India has become godless. They misinterpret just to mislead people. This is the misfortune of India. Don't be misled by these rascals. Take the real Bhagavad-gTta as it is. Then you'll be benefitted.27Editor's comment: "Impersonalism" means Mayavada (Advaita-vdda)-the erroneous and offensive idea that God, the Supreme, is not a person, and that somehow or other we can "become one" with Him. This is nothing but covered atheism, that tricks people into thinking that they are pious, but actually makes them very knvious of Krishna. Impersonalism has poisoned India's spiritual life, robbed the vital spirit of pure devotion, and is the underlying cause of her present godlessness, immorality and hedonisrn. For an elaborate discussion of this important subject, see SrTla Prabhupdda's leachings of Lord Caitanya."