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Government Policy


The government thinks that because Indian people are too much religiously inclined, they have fallen down economically. Therefore these religious sentiments should be stopped completely. It is not encouraged. Here in Vrndavana so many pilgrims come from all parts of India, and now from all parts of world. But Vrndavana is deliberately kept in such an unclean state to discourage people from coming here. That is the idea. So that educated, modernized people may not come here. They are introducing industry in the Vmdavana area so that the spiritual atmosphere will be killed. The temples are neglected. No question of improvement. The whole idea is not to come here. "Please do not come." They cannot say it directly, but this is the idea is going on.

This is due to wrong direction of civilization. They do not know the aim of civilization, which is to understand Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are missing the point. They are thinking the motor tyre civilization, with very nice roads and cars running at eighty miles an hour, is civilization. We should not be misled by such a misconception of civilization. Our aim is different.30