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Caste Consciousness


Because one happens to take birth in a brahmana family, without any qualification, he claims to become a brahmana-á That is the falldown of Vedic civilization in India. A rascal number one claims that he is a brahmana, without any qualification. His qualification is less than that of aiudra.31The idea of Vedic civilization is to gradually elevate everyone to the position of brahmana and Vaisnava and thus make their life perfect. Not that "Keep the sudras or the mlecchas in a downtrodden position, and let me advance." No. Everyone should cooperate. Why should the sudras or mlecchas and yavanas remain as such? Actually, India's falldown is because nobody cared. So many Muslims were converted, but the higher castes did not care. "Oh, they have become Muslims. Reject them." Why? Krsna says,


mam hi partha vyapasritya

ye 'pi syuh pdpa-yonayah

striyo vaisyas tatha siidrds

te 'pi yanti param gatim


(Even those of lower birth can be delivered if they take shelter of KrsnaŚ Bhagavad-glta 9.32). Why were these Muslims neglected? Why were they not turned into Vaisnavas, as we are doing? This is the fault of the leaders. Therefore India is now divided into Pakistan and Hindustan.32