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Title: Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda Part 1 Transcript

User: Bhushan         Date: 2006-07-27 17:59:45


Supreme Glories of Lord Nityananda (transcription)


By Shrila Swami Gaurangapada


Om namo bhagvate vasudvaya

Om namo bhagvate vasudvaya

Om namo bhagvate vasudvaya


Shri Chaitanya Bhagvata, Chapter 11 Madhya Khanda, the characteristics of Lord Nityananda Prabhu,Nityananda Prabhu lakshana .

After the end of Mahaprakasha leela Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is taking another very beautiful,ambrosial,nectarian topic and description of Lord Nityananda’s activities in house of Shrivasa Thakuras house in Navadvipa dhama.


nidhi gauranga kotha haite aila premasindhu .

anathera natha prabhu, patita-janera vandhu ..dhru..

Gauranga is the treasure prema sindhu the potion of love where has He gone,He is the master and owner of the orphan souls of kali yuga and especially the fallen souls who have no hope of deliverance they take shelter at  Lord Gaurangas lotus feet


jaya jaya visvambhara dvijakulasimha .

jaya hau tora yata caranera bhringa ..1..

All glories to Lord Gauranga,Vishvambhara who is the lion amongst the bramhana community. He is the crest jewel of the bramhana community and all glories to charnera bhrnga to the honeybee like devotees whose minds and hearts are always revolving around lotus feet of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu,all glories to all of them.


jaya shriparamanandapurira jivana .

jaya damodarasvarupera pranadhana ..2..


All glories to life and soul of Shri Parmananda Puri,Parmananda Puri was such a great devotee that though He was in the external level of Godbrother of Gauranga’s Guru Shrila Ishvara puri but He was so attached to Gauranga’s association that when Gauranga Mahaprabhu came to Puri, He also came here with the aim to reside  the rest of his life with Lord Jagannatha and also with moving Lord Jagannatha, Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu,so His house was behind the Jagannatha temple, Gauranga Mahaprabhu would go there to discuss Krishna katha,and always while taking prasadam with the devotees Shrila Parmananda Puri used to sit on a higher level because He was the Godbrother of Lord Gauranga’s  Gurudeva. Jaya damodara svaruperea pranadhana:the life and treasure of Svarupa Damodara Gosvamai Svarupa Damodar Gosvami had a beautiful pastime he was in Navadvipa as well as Puri. In Navadvipa His pastimes are not so much known but in Puri Dhama when Lord Gauranga came Svarupa Damodar Gosvami renounced the whole world and came to sing with the Lord and directly serve the Lord by assisting Him with His various divine moods of remembering Shrimati Radha and Lord Krishna.


jaya rupasanatanapriya mahasaya .

jaya jagadisa-gopinathera hridaya ..3..

All glories to Shrila Rupa and Shrila Sanatana who are very dear to the Lord and also to the Lord who is dear to Rupa and Sanatana.When you remember the lord in the conjunction of his devotee, Lord is very pleased.So it was Shrila Sanatana Gosvami who was actually given the mercy of Lord in Shri Jagannatha Puri dhama and Sanatana Gosvami came here and He got some boils on his body due to drinking some dirty water in Jharikhand jungle. Sanatana Gosvami always thinking I will commit suicide under the ratha yatra cart after seeing Lord Gauranga and Lord Jagannatha, but Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu said that your body is very dear to Me than Myself, so Lord Gauranga embraced the body of Santana and his body turned into golden effulgent and all sores disappeared so He is very dear friend of Shrila Rupa and Sanatana.

Rupa Gosvami was so intimate to Lord Gauranga that the ‘verse vetasi itire’ beginning with that word which Gauranga recited during ratha yatra,very few devotees could understand the meaning.Rupa Gosvami could understand and wrote it on a leaf.He wrote another verse which is similar but more easy to understand ‘radha ubhyora sangam sukham madhur murali pancham tvishe’ that sangam sukham which Shrimati Radharani could not experiance in Kurukshetra increased her bhava to mahbhava seeing Krishna before Her and She could not participate in the pastimes of Vrindavana so Her intensity of Her mood magnified, because this has never happened like that.In Vrindavan Krishna and Radha always enjoy to their full satisfaction but in Kurukshetra after 100 yrs Radha rani is meeting Krishna in kshatriya dress and plus its not Vrindavana dhama and Radharani has never met Krishna outside Vrindavana dhama so that meeting was very unique meeting so Radharani developed very intense moods of mahabhava and that has been described by Shrila Rupa Gosvami Gopinatha acharya was the brother in law of Shrila Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya.He also came and resided in Puri later and He was the one who was instrumental in revealing the glories of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu to Shrila Sarvabhauma Bhatacharya who later on became a great devotee and composed beautiful stotras in glorification of lords


henamate navadvipe prabhu visvambhara .

krida kare, nahe sarvanayana-gocara ..4..

So in that way Lord Vishvambhara used to perform His pastimeswhich are nahe sarva nayana gochara.Everyone could not see those pastimes eventhough residing in Navadvipa these pastimes were not accessible to them because they were very extraordinary


navadvipe madyakhande kautuka ananta .

ghare vasi’ dekhaye shrivasa bhagyavanta ..5..

So in Navadvipa Madhya khanda of Chaitanya Bhagvata there is unlimited boundless kautuka which means transcendental pastimes of Lord Gauranga in Navadvipa and the most fortunate was Shrivasa Pandita because He could see these pastimes just by sitting at His home. Lord would come and perform pastimes at His home. So nobody can estimate the extreme good fortune of Shrila Shrivasa Pandita.


nishkapate prabhure sevila shrinivasa .

goshthi sange dekhe prabhura maha-parakasa ..6..

Another name of Shrivasa is Shrinivasa so because Shrivasa served the Lord without any duplicity, without any ulterior motives,decietfullness, crookedness; with very simple heart, that is why Shrivasa was ‘ghoshti sange’ i.e along with all his family memebers He was able to see the Mahapraksha lila at His home.


shrivasera ghare nityanandera vasati .

‘vapa’ vali’ shrivasere karaye piriti ..7..

So in the house of Shrivasa Nityananda Prabhu was residing there, Nityananda Prabhu considered him as His father and always He was addressing Shrivasa as ‘My dear father’. In that way Lord Nityananda was showing affection to Shrivasa thakura because Lord Nityananda was in the mood of a very affectionate child.


aharnisa valya-bhave bahya nahi jane .

niravadhi malinira kare stanapane ..8..

So 24 hrs day and night Nityananda Prabhu was not conscious He was unconscious about His external surroundings and that is why He used to drink the breast milk of  Malini devi the wife of Shrivasa. This not something which is transgressing vedic principles because lord Nityananda Prabhu was Himself thinking that He is a cowherd boy of Vrindavana and Malini devi is elderly gopi of Vrindavana kilimbika gopi. So in that mood of cowherd boy Lord Nityananda was always drinking her breast milk.


kabhu nahi dugdha, parasile matra haya .

e saba acintya-sakti malini dekhaya ..9..

Sometimes there was no milk in Malini’s breast, but when Lord Nityananda would desire to drink her breast milk then immediately by the touch of Lord His Achintya shakti inconceivable potency Malini’s breast will become full of milk and Lord will drink it.


caitanyera nibarane kare nahi kahe .

niravadhi valyabhava malini dekhaye ..10..

Because Lord Gauranga forbid Malini to tell anyone about this intimate pastime with Lord Nityananda Prabhu because common people will not be able to understand the divinity and transcendental nature of Lord Nityananda’s pastimes. But Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakur is telling us these pastimes because, till the time both Mahaprabhus were present on this planet manifesting pastimes,the pastimes were kept confidential but after  the order of Lord Nityananda Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura is describing all these pastimes without any shame,without hiding anything whether people of the world understand or not they have to accept Lord Nityananda as it is they have to understand all His activities are transcendental.So Malini devi constantly saw pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu.


prabhu visvambhara bale,—“suna nityananda .

kaharo sahita pache kara tumi dvandva ..11..

Lord Nityananda Prabhu was told by Lord Vishvambhara that ‘please hear Nityananda You always pick up quarrel with someone please don’t do that again.


cancalata na kariva shrivasera ghare .”

suniya shrinityananda ‘shrikrishna’ sanare ..12..

‘please don’t act in a restless and mischievous manner in Shrivase’s home’ and hearing this Lord Nityananda would remember Krishna


“amara cancalya tumi kabhu na paiva .

apanara mata tumi kare na vasiva ..”13..

‘My dear Lord you have never seen Me performing any pranks or childish mischief You have never seen Me like that any time, you will never see Me like that but because You are extremely restless You are that cowherd boy of Vrindavana, You are Krishna Himself that is why You think others also will be like that.


visvambhara bale,—“ami toma’ bhala jani .”

nityananda bale,—“dosha kaha dekhi suni ..”14..

Lord Vishvambhara said ‘my dear Lord Nityananda don’t try to justify I know You very well.Nityananda Prabhu said ‘ok tell me what is My fault’.


hasi bale gauracandra,—“ki dosha tomara ?

saba ghare annavrishti kara avatara ..”15..

Gaurangachandra said ‘oh You are asking Me what is Your fault, in every home  in every room You go and throw food stuffs everywhere, Your incarnation is like that.’


nityananda bale,—“iha pagale se kare .

e chalaya ghare bhata na dive amare?16..

Nityananda Prabbu said that ‘This is the activity of madman I never do all that, this is Your trick of depriving Me of eating rice. Give Me rice in Your own home, You don’t want to give me bhiksha, You don’t want to give me alms, You don’t want to feed Me that is why You say I go to home and home and throw food stuffs there.


amare na diya bhata sukhe tumi khao .

apakirtti ara kena baliya vedao ?”17..

first of all you eat yourself alone without feeding me.You enjoy nice foodstuffs and you don’t invite me and secondly now you are coming out and accusing me of misdeeds this is two things together.’ So this is the same quarelling that goes on in Vraja lila also between Balaram and Krishna where Balarama tells Krishna that ‘When You reside in the palace of Nanda and Yashoda, O Krishna you are always demand and get good foodstuffs and enjoy them, and if I try to get such food stuffs You criticize Me and disclose My mischief to everyone this is nothing but selfishness’. So Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga are transcendentally quarreling.


prabhu bale,—“tomara apakirttye laja pai .

sei se karane ami tomare sikhai ..”18..

Lord Gauranga is saying that  ‘if You are dishonored in anyway by anyone because of your apparent restless activities, pastimes than I will feel very embarrassed, ashamed that is why I am instructing you in proper manners etiquettes.’


hasi’ bale nityananda,—“vada bhala bhala .

cancalya dekhile sikhaiva sarvakala ..19..

Nityananda said ‘very good very good you are instructing me but when you see me restless then you instruct me not now, now I am normal if you see there is anything then you instruct me’.

niscaya vujhila tumi, ami se cancala .”

eta vali’ prabhu cahi’ hase khala khala ..20..

You must have certainly understood by now that I am very restless in your love’. In that way Lord Nityananda looked at Lord Gauranga and started laughing very loudly, uproariously.

anande na jane bahya, kon karma kare .

digamvara hai’ vasra vandhilena sire ..21..

So because of extreme bliss Lord Nityananda did not understand, did not have any external consciousness what he did what he did not do, he did not know anything .Once what Lord Nityananda Prabhu did in His blissfull trance extreme trance of love for Lord Gauranga, He removed His clothing dress and tied it on his head and He Himself became totally naked.


jore jore lampha dei hasiya hasiya .

sakala angane vule thuliya thuliya ..22..

then He laughed and He jumped loudly laughing and jumping around in the courtyard staggering ,rolling on the ground of courtyard of lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu in extreme blissful love and He was totally unaware that He had no clothes on the body he was totally in a transcendental situation


gadadhara, shrinivasa ara haridasa .

sikshara prasade sabe dekhe digvasa ..23..

Gadhadhara, Shrivasa and Haridasa all these three great personalities saw this pastime of Lord Nityananda Prabhu rolling on the ground without any clothes and they understood that this is some very special mercy ‘shikshra prasada’. Lord Nityananda wants to teach He wants to give some special mercy to everyone.


daki’ bale visvambhara,—“e ki kara karma ?

grihasthera badite emata nahe dharmama ..24..

Lord Gauranga Vishambhara called out ‘oh what are you doing Nitai what are you doing Nityananda this is not the proper action to be performed at the house of a grihastha of a householder’. Lord Gauranga even though He is Krishna Himself, but Lord Gauranga never displayed His conjugal pastimes with the gopis in Navadvipa with other peoples wives. He was very exemplary in His behaviour and He taught all the devotees of the world how to worship Him and chant his Holy name. We cannot imitate Krishna but we can try to follow on the ideal activities of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu it is very easy for souls of kali yuga to do that. So Lord Gauranga stopped Lord Nityananda.


ekhani valila tumi—‘ami ki pagala?’

eikshane nija-vakya ghucila sakala ..”25..

Lord Gauranga said that ‘Just a few moments ago you said that you are not mad you are totally normal but now you are contradicting your own words.You have forgotten your own words, what are you doing?


yara bahya nahi, tara vacane ki laja ?

nityananda bhasaye ananda-sindhu-majha ..26..

Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is telling a very good point that ‘if someone has no external consciousness at all and one is simply drowned in ocean of pure blissful happiness then what will words do to him’.You can speak so many words he will not even understand the meaning of those words.So Lord Nityananda was so much ecstatic nobody can imitate Lord Nityananda Prabhu otherwise one will die but Nityananda Prabhu was so much in transcendental bliss. We never see any incarnation of Lord in this much transcendental bliss. This is peak, high climax of all transcendental happiness exhibited in body of Lord Nityananda that is why His name is Nityananda Nityananda. So He hardly has any external discrimination. So Nityananda Prabhu could not listen to words of Gauranga and was simply drowning in bliss.


apane dhariya prabhu paraya vacana .

emata acintya nityanandera kathana ..27..

In that way Lord personally caught Lord Nityananda with His own hands and this is how inconceivable pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu took place



caitanyera vacana-ankusa matra mane .

nityananda mattasimha ara nahi jane ..28..

Lord Nityananda could only hear the controlled words of Lord Gauranga,nobody else.So only one who could control Lord Nityananda Prabhu was Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu,’Nityananda matta simha ara nahi jahe’ Nityananda Prabhu like a maddned lion was not at all in the mood of listning to anyone except words of Lord Gauranga.

apani tuliya hate bhata nahi khaya .

putrapraya kari’ anna malini yogaya ..29..

Nityananda Prabhu did not eat rice with His own hands Himself, He was so much in bliss, Malini devi considering Lord Nityananda Prabhu as her own son,she herself fed Him rice putting it  in His mouth.


nityananda-anubhava jane pativrata .

nityananda-seva kare yena putra mata ..30..


This pativrata chaste wife of Shrivas Pandita fully understood the Glories of Lord Nityananda Balaram,She understood that He is none other than Balaram Himself.She had served Him previously in Vraja Dhama and now in Navadvipa dhama.’Nityananda seva kare’.She is serving Nityananda menially just as a mother serves her son.


ekadina pitalera vati nala kake .

udiya calila kaka ye vanete thake ..31..

One day a crow came and took a brass bowl from Malini when Malini was serving dities and flew away 


adrisya haiya kaka kon rajye gela .

mahacinta malinira cittete janmila ..32..

The crow flew to the forest taking the small bowl in his beak

Soon the crow flew out of sight and great anxiety filled the heart of Malini. Mahachinta  very big anxiety was aroused in her heart


vati thui’ sei kaka aila ara bara .

malini dekhaye sunya-vadana tahara ..33..

After putting that bowl somewhere the crow flew back to Malinis home near window and Malini devi saw that beak of crow was without the bowl then she became even more anxious

mahativra thakura-pandita-vyavahara .

shrikrishnera ghritapatra haila apahara ..34..

In this bowl Shrivasa Pandita her husband was offering ghee to Lord Krishna,and if this is lost,it was a dear family item and if this was lost then Shrivasa would become very angry.So Malini devi was very frightned


sunile pramada have hena mane gani’ .

nahika upaya kichu, kandaye malini ..35..

Thinking this will create great havoc if Shrivasa Pandita knows about it,Malini was very sad,she started crying there is no other way now,”because my husband will blame me for my carelessness how a crow could take this pot.”


henakale nityanda aila sei sthane .

dekhaye malini kande ajhora nayane ..36..

At that time Lord Nityananda Prabhu arrived there, and He saw Malini devi was crying with profuse tears and red eyes


hasi’ bale nityananda,—“kanda ki karana .

kon duhkha bala ?—saba kariva khandana ..”37..

Nityananda Prabhhu was smiling when Malini devi was crying why are you crying.What is the cause of your crying?What is the source of your distress? I will immidiately relieve it.


malini balaye,—“suna shripada gosani .

ghritapatra kake lai’ gela kon thani ..”38..

Malini devi replied see listen Nityananda Gosai this crow took this brass bowl and vanished.


nityananda bale,—“mata, cinta parihara .

ami diva vati, tumi krandana samvara ..”39..

Lord Nityananda said”Please give up your anxiety I will give you this bowl,please stop crying please stop crying immidiately


kaka-prati hasi’ prabhu balaye vacana .

“kaka, tumi vati jhata anaha ekhana ..”40..

Lord Nityananda Prabhu looked at the crow and said”kaka ,O crow ‘tumhi jhaat’ go quickly and get the bowl back here.


sabara hridaye nityanandera vasati .

tara ajna langhiveka kahara sakati ? 41..

So Vrindavan Dasa Thakura is making deep philosophical point here,He is saying that actually Lord Nityananda is present in everyones heart as kshiorodakshaya Vishnu the parmatma is expansion of Nityananda Prabhu.There is verse in Chaitanya Charitamrita

sankarsanah karana-toya-shayi

garbhoda-shayi cha payobdhi-shayi

sheshash cha yasyamsha-kalah sa nitya-

nandakhya-ramah sharanam mamastu

Nityananda Rama expands into Kshirodakshayi Vishnu who sleeps in ocean of milk and  from Kshirodakshayi Vishnu expands into Supersoul in heart of all living entities.So its Lord Nityananda Prabhu who is in the heart of everyone .Therefore Lord Nityananda’s orders who has the power to transgress or not obey the orders of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, if He tells something His orders the soul has to obey because it’s the order of Supersoul.Nityananda Prabhu is Supersoul and Supersoul is the permiteer and overseer of all the activites of embodied soul.


suniya prabhura ajna kaka udi’ yaya .

sokakuli malini kakera dike caya ..42..

Bieng ordered by Lord Nityananda the crow immediately flew away and Malini she was so much shocked and agitated by distress that Malini looked at the crow and the crow flew away.


kshaneke udiya kaka adrisya haila .

vati mukhe kari’ punah sekhane aila ..43..

In a very short time the crow flew out of sight,but then the crow immediately returned after a very short time with a bowl in his beak.


aniya thuila vati malinira sthane .

nityananda-prabhava malini bhala jane ..44..

The crow literally came and he dropped the bowl next to Malini and flew away.So Nityananda Prabhava the influence of Lord Nityananda’s potency.the whole creation is undert His influence,so Malini devi was perfectly well aware of Lord Nityananda’s potency,infact maybe Malini performed this crying pastime so that world will know pastimes of Lord Nityananda Prabhu,don’t know why devotees perform pastimes,sometimes they perform to Glorify the Lord.


anande murcchita haila apurva dekhiya .

nityananda-prati sttati kare dandaiya ..45..

When the crow kept he pot and flew away Malini fainted,became unconscious with ecstasy realizing the mercy of Lord Nityananda upon her.She got up and she offered dandavats,sometime some devotees say that devotees shouldn’t offer dandavat obiesances but here Chaitanya Bhagvata sayas “Nityananda prati stuti kare dandaiya”Malini payed prostrated,flat,full body obiesances to Lord Nityananda Prabhu.And then she could not control herself, spontaneous devine ecstatic prayers poured forth from her heart and mouth.She said

“ye jana anila mrita gurura nandana .

ye jana palana kare sakala bhuvana .46..

For He who has brought back the dead son of spiritual master.Sandipani Munis son died long time back.Krishna and Balaram after studyinmg in Ashram,Sandipani Muni asked for Gurudakshina that Lord Balram and Krishna get back his son.So 64 days the Lord Balaram and Krishna went to prabhasa tirtah ridfing on a chariot and They demanded son of spiritual master from the ocean,but diety of ocean told Them that son was killed by deamon called panchajanya.He is inside the ocean and devoured the son.Krishna and Balrama entered the water in palace of Panchajanya and killed him,this is how Lord Krishna got the conch Panchajanya.But they could not find spiritual masters son within belly of deamon.;So they went to abode of Yamraja and Yamraja duly worshipped Balrama and Krishna and according to their order he brought the dead son of Sandipani Muni back.So Malini devi is saying “You got back the dead son of Your Guru,You are Balarama You and Krishna got back the dead son of Your Guru and also it is You who maintains all the universes of whole creation actually.


yamera ghara haite ye anite pare .

kakasthane vati ane,—ki mahattva tare ?47..

You could get the son of your Guru directly from Yamaloka what to speak of getting a brass pot from a crow,nothing,very insignificant. Those who don’t believe this pastime will be destroyed,because you can get the dead son from Yamaraja,so what is this.


yanhara mastakopari ananta bhuvana .

lilaya na jane bhara, karaye palana ..48..

You hold innumerable the universes on your head and yet feel their weight just for performanceof pastimes,Unlimited universes just for performance of pastimes He maintains them,He does not feel any weight though each uniuverse must be weighing millions and billions,and trillions of tones,one earthly planet nobody has power to move it shake it.So one can imagine the whole universe,how much weight it is.Those Universes are lying on hoods of Nityananda Prabhu and He is not feeling any weight at all,you can imagine  how powerful He must be.


anadi avidya dhvamsa haya yanra name .

ki mahatttava tanra, vati ane kakasthane ? 49..

By just chanting Your name, Nityananda Prabhu’s name. the potency of this name is described in this verse by Malini the avidya and ignorance,avidya is the actual cause for us being in the material world embodiment from avidya  false desire then comes ego then comes intelligence then the mind then the five gross elements.So everything starts from avidya or ignorance,so by chanting your name avidya or ignorance from immemorial time can be destroyed,eradicated completely from the root by chanting holy name of Nityananda so what is the Glories of  getting one bowl from a crow,hardly anything,by chanting your name the unimaginable ignorance which has no beginning or end is destroyed forever.So what is the big thing in to get one bowl from crow.


ye tumi lakshmanarupe purve vanavase .

nirantara rakshaka achila pitapase ..50..

Sita was constantly in forest for Ram, and as Lakshmana you were constantly guarding her protecting her.These pastimes are mentioned in the Valmiuki Ramayana, Aranya Khanda chapter 4.43Lakswhmana is also Nityananda,He is an expansion of Lord Nityananda just as Ram is an expansion of Lord Gauranga.


tathapiha matra tumi sitara carana .

iha vai sita nahi dekhale kemana ..51..

Yet the most surprising thing was that you were guarding Sita constantly day and night you were protecting her in the forest but yet you never saw her face ever,you just saw her lotus feet.You never looked up.Ramayana Uttara Khanda 58.21, Lakshmana says that”My dear Sita I have just seen your lotus feet never even your form”.


tomara se vane ravanera vamsa-nasa .

se tumi ye vati ana, kemana prakasa ?52..

It was you by whose arrows the entire dynasty of Ravana was destroyed so what is the glory in bringing a small bowl from a crow.Very beautiful prayers by Malini she is Glorifying Nitai’s activities in His transcendental incarnations.


yahara carane purve kalindi asiya .

stavana karila maha-prabhava janiya ..53..

Due to the influence of Lord Balrama the river Kalindi Yamuna became frightned and offered prayers to your feet,you are the same Lord what is the greatness in getting bowl from crow,what to speak of crow Yamuna came to you voluntarily and she started offering you prayers.This pastime is there in Bhagavatam,from Dvarka once Lord Baldeva came to Vraja to meet His devotees and to perform the rasa dance with His batch of Gopis.Then Krishna’s Gopis saw this rasa dance from far and they were very satisfied after very long period of time they could feel presence of Krishna very strongly though they always feel. So Balaram came to Vrindavana to asuuage the feelings of separation of His gopis and Krishna’s gopis.So He came in month of Chaitra and Vasihakha Aprolm and may, to Vrindavana  and at that time Balrama drank Varuni the honey like nectar given by Varuna and then He enjoyed pastime with gopis after enjoying pastimes to remove their tired fatigue,transcendental fatigue.Balrama and the Gopis wanted to sport in the Jamuna so Baldeva ordered Yamuna to come.Yamuna was little far,so considering Balrama was transcendentally intoxicated Yamuna or Kalindi neglected His order for some time.his is a pastime.Then Lord Nityananda Baladeva the son of Rohini, became so angry that He began to scratch,push Yamuna from the tip of His plow,to make streams of Yamuna.At thast time she became extremely afraid and she came personified and fell at the feet of Lord Balarama begging for His pardon by offering various prayers which are written in canto 10 chapter 65 of Shrimad Bhagvatam.So Nityananda Balrama you are the same personality who has come to ask for forgiveness.So what is this pastime with a crow,I mean its hardly anything,for your devotees you are ready to do anything.Actually this pastime has a significance it shows us that even if one is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and if one dosent accept order of Nityananda Prabhu to chant Gauranga’s name.”Bhaja Gauranga,kaha Gauranga,laha Gaurangera nama re”. One dosent accept order of Lord Nityananda to worship Lord Gauranga in kali yuga,to chant His name than,eventhough such a devotee is a great devotee of Lord Krishna,but there is chance of wrath of Lord,if such a devotee tries to obstruct the mission of Lord Nityananda.Spreading of Gauranga’s name.Eventhough He may be devotee of Krishna.but one has to be very careful not to displease Lord Nityananda Balrama because otherwise one is doomed.If Radha Krishna chastise a devotee Gauranga will protect him,if Gauranga chastises Nityananda will protect.If Nityananda chastises there is none to protect so better we have to be careful not to displease Lord Nityananda Prabhu in anyway.Not to undermine His order not to stop anyone from chanting the name of Gauranga,never to stop anyone,never to discourage anyone never to call it a deviation chanting Gauranga’s name,one should not even hear this its very displeasing to Lord Nityananda Prabhu,and Nityaannda’s plow will wreck our devotional life like He wrecked the life of Yamuna into hundreds of rivulets.


caturddasa-bhuvana-palana-sakti yanra .

kakasthane vathi ane—ki mahattva tanra ?54..

All the 14 planetary systems You are maintaining my dear Lord by your potency my dear Lord than what are the glories of bringing brass bowl from crow.


tathapi tomara karya alpa nahi haya .

yei kara, sei satya, cari vede kaya ..”55..

So Malini till now she is saying that Your activities are so glorious and gigantic and powerful that getting a bowl from a crowis insignificant compared to other transcendental activities.So there is no surprise about it,but Malini is saying that my dear Lord none of Your activities are small,every activity is supreme,pure and transcendental.All four Vedas state that whatever you do is the ultimate truth..Same is repeated by Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura in His song.He says” Nitaire charan satya tahara sevaka nitya,Nitai pada seva sada kore haaaaash”

The only truth in this worldis His Lotus feet and servants of Lord Nityananda’s Lotus feet are eternal,the servants of other things are perishable,but servants of Lors Nityananda’s lotus feet are eternal.His lotus feet are the only truth in this world accessible to conditioned souls


hase nityananda tana suniya stavana .

valyabhave bale,—“muni kariva bhojana ..”56..

Hearing Malinis beautiful prayers Lord Nityananda smiled and and in the mood of child He says “I will eat.”


nityananda dekhile tahara stana jhare .

valyabhave nityananda stana pana kare ..57..

As soon as Malini would see Nitryananda Her breast would be full of milk and in mood of child Lord Nityananda would drink Her breast milk


ei mata acintya nityanandera carita .

ami ki valiva, saba jagate vidite ..58..

In that way Shrila Vrindavan dasa Thakura says that Lord Nityanandas pastimes are inconceivable,if anyone doubts this or criticizes this ,then he will be destroyed,completely destroyed.His pastimes are known throughout the world,what can I say more,Shrila Vrindavana dasa Thakura is saying.


karaye durjneya karma, alaukika yena .

ye janaye tattva, se manaye satya hena ..59..

So His activities are difficult to understand by devotees what to speak about non-devotees,very difficult and incomprehensible and unparalleled activities and it is only who understands the tattva, Nityananda naam tattva, Nityananda dhama tattva, Nityananda leela tattva, Nityananda bhakta tattva. Anyone who understands the tattva,philosophy of Nityananda Prabhu position of Nityananda Prabhu only can actually understand these pastimes as true and develop faith in them.