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Nitai Gaura Naam Song

By His Divine Grace Shrila Lochana Dasa Thakura

Translated by BRS Swami Gaurangapada


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! People in Kali Yuga like to hear palatable and nice things but no one wants to hear unpalatable truths about the destination of the soul even if they are the very fact of our existence. But a duty of a real sadhu or Vaishnava is to remind the people of these unpalatable truths of life irrespective of whether or not they can accept it. It is only the devotee who can do this because the devotee has no self-interest and fear of displeasing others as he or she is truly interested in the deliverance of the souls. Because if the Vaishnava does not tell us the truth, who will? Our flatterers cannot help us to realize the goal of human life. The author of Shri Chaitanya Mangala, Shrila Lochana Dasa Thakura, is the crest-jewel of all such magnanimous devotees, who sometimes due to their extreme compassion for the souls, speak out very strongly to open the eyes of the ignorant and sleeping souls. One of his songs is that mood is as follows:


nitai-gaura-nama, anandera dhama,

jei jana nahi laya

tare yama-raya, dhare la'ye jaya,

narake dubaya taya (1)


"The Divine Holy Names of Nityananda and Gauranga are the transcendental Abodes of all jubilation and happiness. Those who never utter these Names due to their averseness are taken by Yama Maharaja, the God of Death, and immersed in the hellish planets."


tulasira hara, na pare je chara,

yamalaye vasa ta'ra

tilaka dharana, na kare je jana,

vrithaya janama ta'ra (2)


"Those unfortunate people who never wear tulasi neckbeads take their permanent residence in the abode of Yama Maharaja, and those who never adorn their foreheads with tilaka live their lives in vain."


na laya harinama, vidhi ta're vama,

pamara pashanda-mati

vaishnava-sevana, na kare je jana,

ki ha'be tahara gati (3)


"Those who never chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra due to their averseness will have an unfavorable destiny. They will remain fallen and hard-hearted. So what to speak of the destination of those who never serve the Vaishnavas or the devotees?"


guru-mantra sara, kara ei bara,

vrajete haibe vasa

tamo-guna ja'be, sattva-guna pa'be,

haibe krishnera dasa (4)


"If one chants the Mantras received from the Guru considering them the essence of life, then one will certainly come to live in Shri Vrindavana Dhama forever. The mode of darkness and ignorance in the heart will be eradicated and one will become situated in the platform of pure goodness. Then one will attain the eternal servitorship of Lord Gauranga-Krishna."


e dasa locana, bale anukshana,

(nitai) gaura-guna gao sukhe

ei rase ja'ra, rati na haila,

cuna kali ta'ra mukhe (5)


"Thus this Lochana dasa instructs everyone to chant the Holy Names and Qualities of Nityananda and Gauranga at evey moment. Those who have no attraction for these divine mellows of Nityananda Gauranga's love will find themselves greatly embarrased in this world life after life."