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Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita
The Ambrosial Nectar of the Moonlight of
Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Holy Name.

By Tridandi Goswamikula Mukutamani Parivrajakacharya
Gaura Parshadavara His Divine Grace
Shrila Prabodhananda Sarasvati Thakura

Translated by His Holiness Bhaktiratna Sadhu Swami Gaurangapada

His Divine Grace Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada writes:

"If those who are opposed to the Holy Name, Form, Pastimes and Incarnation of the Supreme Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu read or hear Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita their mind, heart and consciousness will become completely pure, cleansed and purified of all envy towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and they will engage in His pure devotional service. Then what to speak if the devotees of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu read Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita. If the faithful devotees of Lord Gauranga read this great Holy Scripture, they will certainly and surely drown and inundate themselves in the supremely joyful and unparalleledly blissful ocean of pure love for Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu which is the ultimate destination of each and every soul in creation."


Introduction by Swami Gaurangapada
Biography of Shrila Prabodhananda Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada

Ch 1 Auspicious Invocation of Lord Gauranga

1. Gauranga's love has no limits

2. Even the most sinful will roll on the ground

3. No Yoga, Samadhi, Karma or Gyana

4. Even if remembered for afar

5. Operation of the Senses and Liberation becomes Hellish

6. Playfully laugh and mock the demigods

7. What did other incarnations do for us


Ch 2 Auspicious Obeisances to Lord Gauranga

8. Enchanting Smile like millions of moons

9. Auspicious of all auspicious things

10. Lifting His most delicate lotus hands

11. Personification of Blissful Pastimes

12. The trickily concealed Lord


Ch 3 Auspicious Benedictions about Lord Gauranga

13. Shoulders like a great lion

14. When Lord Gauranga sees

15. Most merciful moon from Shachi's womb

16. Fixed number of Holy Names daily

17. Three moonlight benedictions


Ch 4 Auspicious Glorification of Lord Gauranga's Devotees

18. Even Shukadeva cannot enter

19. Desire for liberation will not become bitter unless

20. Topmost virtues are only found

21. Any person who simply sees Gauranga

22. One may visit millions of Holy Places

23. The essence of all nectar will taste bitter

24. Supreme virtues of Lord Gauranga's devotees

25. You may worship millions of Gurus or Scriptures

26. Multiplied millions of times

27. Leaping over the oceans and hills

28. Never in the past, present or future

29. How to destroy egotim and vanity

30. Even the one who never performs any spiritual practice


Ch 5 Criticism of Non-Devotees of Lord Gauranga

31. Even the unalloyed devotees of Lord Krishna are inglorious if

32. Doomed are those who

33. Dog's tail can never be straightened

34. Poorest of the poor

35. Drowning in an ocean of sin

36. Impoverished and destitute

37. Bereft of all consciousness

38. Those who do know about Lord Gauranga

39. Non-devotees and love of God

40. Rare for even Lord Krishna's intimate Associates

41. Those who refuse to accept Lord Gauranga as God

42. Mahamaya is expert to conceal Lord Gauranga

43. Not acquainted with Lord Gauranga are doomed

44. Vaikuntha devotees are also amazed

45. Those who refuse to respect and worship Lord Gauranga


Ch 6 Self-criticism for not accepting Lord Gauranga

46. I have been greatly deprived

47. What a pathetic calamity

48. Not a drop has touched me

49. Even the bhakti path is beset with thorns

50. Only hope for not seeing Lord Gauranga

51. Only savior in our miserable situation

52. Giving up all useless attempts for spiritual practices

53. All seeds of devotion fail to sprout except

54. Fallen and drowning in the ocean of birth and death

55. We will achieve that which is rare for even Shiva, Narada etc...

56. Where are those qualities in other incarnations


Ch 7 The firm conviction that Lord Gauranga is the Supreme Lord

57. Please do not delay

58. Let them worship only Lord Krishna

59. Let them run after the four goals & servitorship to Lord Krishna

60. All my shame has gone

61. Who is this Divine Personality

62. Every home in Navadvipa-Puri

63. Let the scripture say whatever they like

64. Even if I get Vaikuntha

65. Better to stay in a burning cage

66. I may get siddhis or become universally famous but

67. May I chant incessant Your Holy Name

68. When will I guilessly worship You

69. The supremely blissful Abode

70. Puri Dhama Pastimes

71. Saffron-clothed Hari

72. Cupid, Ganges, Moon, Nectar, Desire-tree, Mother

73. Only Lord Who makes the whole world rejoice

74. Magnanimous Generosity

75. Three moonlight benedictions

76. Changing at every second

77. No consideration of qualification or time

78. The ultimate hope for the greatest sinners

79. Lord Krishna has left Vrindavana and come to Puri


Ch 8 Instructions to the People to Worship Lord Gauranga and Chant His Holy Name

80. I fervently beseech you

81. Lifting His delicate budding lotus hands

82. Even if you meditate on the Holy Names and Form of Lord Krishna

83. Please do not act in this reckless manner

84. Has the Name of Gauranga not entered your ears?

85. Never try to become God

86. Please spit on the bliss of the heavenly planets

87. Give up the dreary yogic paths

88. The secret how to achieve Radha's feet

89. The duty of the advanced devotees

90. How to preach Lord Gauranga's Holy Name

91. The rarest thing even in Vaikuntha

92. How to develop forgiveness and mercy

93. If you desire these three topmost things

94. No comparison of virtues

95. Bereft of consciousness

96. King Indra becomes like a servant

97. Why should one beg for a silver piece

98. Let the yogis remain in their solitary caves

99. Become secure about the safety of family members


Ch 9 The Most Exalted Position of Lord Gauranga & His Holy Name

100. The maddened young Lion

101. Seven ever-fresh features

102. Even Shiva and Brahma are astounded

103. Crest-jewel of millions of monists

104. Illuminating the treacherous path

105. Combusting the moths of false logic

106. Suffusing all the ten directions

107. Washing away all crookedness

108. Long sighs of separation

109. All forms of God are present in Gauranga


Ch 10 Glorification of Lord Gauranga's Incarnation

110. Thunderbolt-like hearts are becoming like soft butter

111. Suddenly everyone has become qualified

112. Hard-core materialists are delivered

113. All useless activities have ended

114. In each and every home

115. Never ever seen symptoms have appeared in this world

116. False Pride has gone

117. Even a child or old man has attained love

118. All Associates have come in Kali Yuga

119. Even higher treasure of love than Lord Krishna's pastimes

120. Illiterate are eclipsing the scholars

121. Mind was blunted before Lord Gauranga's Advent

122. Lord Krishna had to personally incarnate again

123. Even Vraja's Associates got promoted

124. All confusions are gone

125. Radiance of Lord Gauranga's toenails

126. Highest charitable act for creation

127. Even an ex cow-killer can flood the world

128. Unique gestures of love

129. On the shore of the salt-water ocean

130. No one knew the summit of love before Lord Gauranga's advent


Ch 11 Lord Gauranga's transcendental ecstatic characteristics

131. Inviting all souls by personally dancing in Puri Dhama

132. Who is this playful King of all dancers?

133. Shower of flowers by the demigods

134. New mood at every moment

135. Shower of tears in Puri Dhama

136. Whitening the sky with His smile


Ch 12 Final Prayers to Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu

137. Inaccessible even for the Vedas

138. Where have You gone?

139. Once in 8.6 billion years

140. Where is that exuberant festival gone

141. If one states that Lord Gauranga is a partial incarnation

142. Fruit of reading Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita

143. Lord Gauranga's direct satisfaction


Final Concluding Words

Credits & Acknowledgements