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Chapter 7: The firm conviction that Lord Gauranga




Ch 7 The firm conviction that Lord Gauranga is the Supreme Lord

57. Please do not delay

58. Let them worship only Lord Krishna

59. Let them run after the four goals & servitorship to Lord Krishna

60. All my shame has gone

61. Who is this Divine Personality

62. Every home in Navadvipa-Puri

63. Let the scripture say whatever they like

64. Even if I get Vaikuntha

65. Better to stay in a burning cage

66. I may get siddhis or become universally famous but

67. May I chant incessant Your Holy Name

68. When will I guilessly worship You

69. The supremely blissful Abode

70. Puri Dhama Pastimes

71. Saffron-clothed Hari

72. Cupid, Ganges, Moon, Nectar, Desire-tree, Mother

73. Only Lord Who makes the whole world rejoice

74. Magnanimous Generosity

75. Three moonlight benedictions

76. Changing at every second

77. No consideration of qualification or time

78. The ultimate hope for the greatest sinners

79. Lord Krishna has left Vrindavana and come to Puri