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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > SG Translated and Main Scriptures > Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita > Ch 7 The firm conviction that Lord Gauranga > 62: Every home in Navadvipa-Puri

Verse 62: Every home in Navadvipa-Puri

svayam devo yatra druta-kanaka-gaurah karunaya
maha-premanandojjvala-rasa-vapuh pradurabhavat
navadvipe tasmin pratibhavana-bhakty-utsava-maye
mano me vaikunthad api ca madhure dhamni ramate (62)

Explanatory Translation by BRS Swami Gaurangapada:

Verse 62: "The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu has personally and most mercifully appeared in this Kali Yuga along with His topmost abode of Shri Navadvipa Dhama and His divine four-syllable Gaura Gopala Mantra: 'Gauranga'. His complexion is millions of times more radiant than molten gold and He is the personified form of the supremely magnificent mellows of pure love for Himself and His Holy Name. Shri Navadvipa Dhama is thus the topmost spiritual planet unlimitedly more sweet and nectarean than any other Vaikuntha planet because every home in Navadvipa constantly celebrates the great festivals of pure loving devotional service to Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name and Pastimes. I pray that my mind constantly revels and rejoices in this transcendental abode of Shri Navadvipa Dhama which is constantly resounding with the Divine Holy Name of Lord Gauranga."