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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > SG Translated and Main Scriptures > Shri Chaitanya Chandramrita > Ch 5 Criticism of Non-Devotees of Lord Gauranga > 42: Mahamaya is expert to conceal Lord Gauranga...

Verse 42: Mahamaya is expert to conceal Lord Gauranga...

sakshan-mokshadikarthan vividha-vikritibhis tucchatam darshayantam
premanandam prasute sakala-tanu-bhritam yasya lila-katakshah
nasau vedeshu gudho jagati yadi bhaved ishvaro gauracandras
tat-prapto’nisha-vadah shiva shiva gahane vishnu-maye namaste (42)

Explanatory Translation by BRS Swami Gaurangapada:

Verse 42: "The most playful sidelong glance of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu achieved through the chanting of His Holy Name and Pastimes exposes the worthlessness of material benefits and the uselessness of the impersonal stage of liberation along with all its manifestations, by arousing the highest pure loving emotions in the hearts of all the embodied souls. But alas, since Lord Gauranga has been described only in a concealed manner in all the Vedic scriptures, the most unfortunate people of this world do not accept him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead and thus become rebellious atheists by not taking up the chanting of His Holy Name and Pastimes. Oh Mahamaya, the inscrutable illusory potency of Lord Gauranga, alas, alas, I offer my respectful obeisances to you in great shock and wonder because you have so expertly and successfully bewildered all of them into rejecting their very own Lord Gauranga and the chanting of His most maganimous Holy Name and Pastimes which is the only hope for their deliverance."