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Verse 137: Inaccessible even for the Vedas...

sarvair amnaya-cudamanibhir api na samlakshyate yat svarupam
shrisha-brahmady-agamya sumadhura-padavi kapi yasyasti ramya
yenakasmaj jagat-shri-hari-rasa-madira-mattam etad vyadhayi
shrimac-chaitanya-candrah sa kim u mama giram gocarash cetaso va (137)

Explanatory Translation by BRS Swami Gaurangapada:

Verse 137: "When will Lord Shrimad Gaurangachandra and His Holy Name, whose transcendental sac-cid-ananda (eternal, all-knowledgable and blissful) form is inaccessible and unfathomable even to the Upanishads etc. which are the crest-jewel of all the Vedas, Whose charming, enchanting and supremely sweet vibration cannot be even approached by Lakshmi, Shiva, Brahma or the other demigods, and Who has suddenly and effortlessly caused the whole world to become maddened and intoxicated by the nectarean beverage of pure love for the Lord, come within the range of my tongue, words, thoughts and heart and thus grant me the qualification to behold Him face to face while chanting His Holy Names?