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Verse 130: No one knew the summit of love before Lord Gauranga's advent...

prema namadbhutarthah shravana-patha-gatah kasya namnam mahimnah
ko vetta kasya vrindavana-vipina-maha-madhurishu praveshah
ko va janati radham parama-rasa-camatkara-madhurya-simam
ekash chaitanya-candrah parama-karunaya sarvam avishcakara (130)

Explanatory Translation by BRS Swami Gaurangapada:

Verse 130: "Before the advent of magnanimous Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His Holy Name, the astonishingly wonderful meanings of the words 'pure love' had never ever entered into the pathways of anyone's ears! Who had even known the full unlimited glories of chanting of the Holy Names of God? Who had ever understood and entered into the supreme ambrosial sweetness of the exquisite forests of Vrindavana? What to speak of anyone even trying to comprehend the limit of the supremely sweet, astonishing and nectarean mellows of the conjugal love for the Divine Couple Shri Shri Radha and Krishna! All these subjects were uncomprehensible and inaccessible to anyone before the advent of Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name. It is only due to the descent of the supremely magnanimous and munificent mercy of Lord Gauranga and His Holy Name at these most confidential truths are now accessible and revealed to one and all without ny discrimination or consideration of eligibility."