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Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata

In Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata Madhya Khanda 23.76-78, Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu personally instructed all the people of Navadvipa to chant:

hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare;
hare rama hare rama, rama rama hare hare.

prabhu bole,-“kahilan ei mahamantra;
iha japa giya sabe koriya nirbandha.”

The Lord said, “Please hear this Hare Krishna maha-mantra. Everyone please chant this maha-mantra daily in ‘nirbandha’ (multiples of 64 rounds) or constantly. ”

iha hoite sarva-siddhi hoibe sabara;
sarva-kshana bolo' ithe vidhi nahi ara.

Lord Gauranga continued, “By chanting in this way one will achieve all perfection in one’s life. Please keep on chanting constantly because there is no consideration of any rules and regulations for this chanting process.”

In Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata Adi Khanda 14.140, Lord Chaitanya instructs Tapana Mishra:

ratri-dina nama laya khaite shuite;
tanhara mahima vede nahi pare dite.

“The Vedas are unable to fully describe the glories of one who chants the Hare Krshna maha-mantra day and night, even while eating and sleeping.”

In Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata Adi Khanda 16.93, Namacharya Haridasa Thakura expresses his determination to chant the maha-mantra to the Muslim King:

khanda khanda hai deha yaya yadi prana;
tabu ami vadane na chadi hari-nama.

“Even if my body is cut into millions of pieces and I give up my life, I will never give up chanting the Hare Krshna maha-mantra.”