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Padma Purana

In the Padma Purana, Shri Sanatkumara replied to Shri Narada in the following verses:

harer apy aparadhan yah, kuryad dvi-pada-pam shalah;
namashrayah kadacit syat, taraty eva sa namatah;
namno ’pi sarva-suhrido, hy aparadhat pataty adhah.

“The lowest of human beings who commit offenses at the lotus feet of Shri Hari will certainly cross the material ocean if they somehow take shelter of the Holy Names of the Lord. However, those who commit offenses against the maha-mantra, the well-wisher of all, will certainly fall down.

bhumau skhalita padanam, bhumir evavalambanam;
tvayi jataparadhanam, tvam eva sharanam prabho.

“If one slips and falls down while walking on the ground, then to get up one has to take support from the ground itself. Similarly the offenses against the Hare Krshna maha-mantra can only be removed by taking continuous shelter of the maha-mantra.
jate namaparadhe tu, pramade vai kathancana;
sada sankirtayen nama, tad eka sharano bhavet.

namaparadha-yuktanam, namany eva haranty agham;
avishranti-prayuktani, tany evartha-karani ca.

“If one is not careful in avoiding the ten offenses while chanting the Hare Krshna maha-mantra, he will never get success in chanting even after many millions of lives. For getting free from the offenses against the maha-mantra, the only way is to take the full shelter of the maha-mantra by chanting constantly. The way to avoid namaparadha (offenses) commited due to negligence is to intensify one’s chanting. By continuous and non-stop chanting, the chanting itself will relieve us from the offenses and then one will very quickly achieve the ultimate goal of chanting i.e. to chant purely in love of God."